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LLC, a purely strong service, is a company accredited by a woman/minor M/WBE that provides the environmental industry/private trade experience for more than 35 years.

with over 35 years of environmental experience, the reputation in this industry keeps us as experts in our region. We are specifically implemented to provide excellent and effective services in large and small projects.

We will provide an unparalleled level of professionalism and adherence to your home, residential. And commercial recovery projects. The net voltage service will provide the most competitive prices in New York and New Jersey. We are committed to distributing projects on time, safe and always implement the best workforce to meet your project needs.

We have gained a strong reputation for many project sites, such as the government, residential houses, commercial and private property to experience many environmental services industries.

pure Service LLC also works on many services, such as: Asbestos and Cleang, mold therapy, PVP lead. , Cleaning water damage and messenger cells, sewage and pumping, drying and exit, cleaning, cleaning after renewal, east in cleaning, disinfectant and disinfection. Reducing a dryer and cleaning the channel.

All cleaning, disinfection and hygiene products are approved and approved by the registered menu of the Environmental Protection Agency, not smart, school and friendly for the environment. P>

All our observers and workers with experience, licensed and accredited: Health)

New York State Working Department

The Department of Environmental Protection in New York. , Which helped our employees complete projects for government institutions such as Dasni, NYCHA, OGS, Sunny, Kuni, NYC DDC, NYC HPD, NYC DeP, NY, NY and NY NJ Port Authory, as well as MTA, owned by the New York Traffic Authority.

We are proud of morals, integrity and sincerity of work. Quality, professionalism with the positive energy of our work, our commitment to excellent consequences.

We are ready to establish a long -term relationship with our customers and ensure their satisfaction every time.

A strong and secure pure service.

APS LLC CDC will manage the CVD19 process according to the instructions. Keep 6 feet, use masks, wear gloves, and use antiseptic.

is available at the request of the reference.

Binary and two -language estimates are available through a person in video chat or site visits.

Contact us today, and lets start.

Various, each project differs with its challan.

Area of expertise: septic system repair service, trenchless sewer repair service, video camera inspection services and more.

  1. Septic System Plumber
  2. Sewer-line Sewer Plumber
  3. Video Camera Plumber

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  • Septic System Repair: Septic system problems can be a very serious concern, not only because they cost a lot of money but also because they are hard to detect until the problem has grown too large.
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair: Trenchless sewer repair services is a less invasive and more effective solution, whether you are dealing with a root invasion or any plumbing issues.
  • Video Camera Inspection: You need a professional video camera inspection that will readily meet your needs. Our experts are always on call, You can rely on us for plumbing services.

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Ian S - Profile Image
Ian S
19 Apr, 2022
Newburyport, Massachusetts - 1950

There were many problems. 1. The shower tray was a disaster. Try, enough mortar is not placed under the acrylic frying pan, then left the pan. This will break the plaster and the leakage of the tiles. The pan also spoiled in the stallion. Baking instructions should clearly cover the full basis for mortar shells, and the screws were not required. 2. The opening must be filled around the groove (concrete floor in the basement) to ensure that there is a snapshot base on the bathroom tray. It was full of sand. It should be rebuilt with concrete when the first bread installation was not successful. 3. The installation of the shower can was worse, and they did not use mortar, but they used other types of adhesives. He did not cover the entire bread base. After drying for a few days, the pan immediately started screaming and bending when he left. The pan had to be removed again. I personally bought a mortar and successfully kept the pan. 4. The shower mixer is poorly established. The main show program did not focus on the display mixture. It must be transferred. In short, the cost of work was competitive, but the quality of professionalism and work was very bad. I asked for money recovering, but he never gave my phone. Do not use this company. New repair for bathing and replacement of installation

richard C - Profile Image
richard C
10 Oct, 2021
Ossining, New York - 10562

He was quickly. I did not feel that they were accusing me. They came, decided and left. I advise them and love. They came quickly. The crew was good and personal. They came and fixed the service line.

Ben F - Profile Image
Ben F
21 Nov, 2021
El Monte, California - 91731

I was waiting for a 2 -hour access window. It is reported that technology was following a few minutes. Really arrived late. TECH reported that the manager agreed to home calls worth $ 75 and $ 40 for 30 minutes of work. Remember the technology they provided $ 75 for the service rate only with the home guarantee company. He soon admitted that he was his mistake. I felt that I was trying to make it seem to be a cost break. Work was fine, was not quick.

John A - Profile Image
John A
08 Apr, 2022
Marlborough, Massachusetts - 01752

This company is immersed in its mailbox with coupons and ads in the home magazine. It even provides 10 % discount on all works. Come to their ridiculous prices. I called an estimate to fix the small gas line tube to my birthplace. It came and gave me a $ 59 -dollar price. More than twice to name another plumber. When I said, the man offered to get 20 % of the price, cut it to $ 47. I said goodbye. I called his office to complain about the price. The woman told me that she would tell the owner. He did not call again. These contractors are trying to tear it anyway, which they can do. They feel that there is a stupid word on your forehead. They want to earn the same money as a doctor or a lawyer with their limited education. It is one of the companies that do a good job in a way that shows ridiculous prices, knowing that more than half of people will not respond. They earn their money at least in sucking. Although there is always a honest and sufficient plumber, you just have to get about 10 estimates before you are found. Do not contact this company, they will tear you! Evaluation of the gas company recommendation. He advised not to request the recommended work. Without fees.

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