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About Advance Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Advance Plumbing and Heating, Inc. A family company has been working in this industry since 1956.

The company serves Hartford and the surrounding communities. Their technicians offer residential plumbing services, including the installation of waste settlement, bathing, kitchen reshaping, prevention of relapse flow, repair of plumbing stability and installation of new tubes. It also deals with commercial plumbing business, such as new constructions and main plumbing, cleaning and repairing commercial banks, and pipelines again. Fontiería and early global warming are also available for plumbing emergency conditions.

Area of expertise: washing machines repair service, general plumbing service, pool water line repair service, roofing services and more.

  1. Washing Machines Plumber
  2. General Service Plumber
  3. Pool Water Plumber
  4. Roofing Plumber

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Advance Plumbing & Heating, Inc.'s Plumbing Services

  • Washing Machines Repair: At DataXiVi, Plumbers offer professional washing machines repair and maintenance services at affordable prices. They can help you fix the problem in timely.
  • General Plumbing: General plumbing contractors can help you deal with all aspects of your sewer and drainage systems. Also help with install, repair, and replace pipes, pumps, and other equipments.
  • Pool Water Line Repair: There are three types of pool water line repair services available: full, partial, and off-site. Book a pro plumber, They will come to your home and clean your pool
  • Roofing: Need to hire a roofer? With the right roofing repair services expert, you don't have to worry about waiting around for someone to come out.

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Address Greenville, OH - 29601, United States
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Email Address advanceplumbing&heating,

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Rebecca S - Profile Image
Rebecca S
25 Jul, 2024
Ojai, California - 93023

Oh. I. a word. While Jesse s work looks good, he and his wife Lucia did not appear themselves in the promised time. It is not a moment. Sometimes. It was the most disappointing, part of all bathing works. On the first day they left for "fifteen minutes" to get something from a local supplies store, and they finally returned an hour later. They asked me to go to a certain plumbing gallery room to choose a faucet, a spoon and a new shower for the bath/shower basin. GC said that he will get what he wants to cost, receive and get a price. It will give a break. He said that he will return to our house next Friday (after a few days) with these articles and prepare to shower. My husband and I immediately went to the exhibition room and chose ourselves (I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday) and told us the sales lady that JC Shuk would get the article. Then I called Lucia and left a message with details of what we chose. Friday came and left or looked without saying a word. We are destroying all day waiting for them, and we made calls on their mobile phones and left the messages that we were waiting for. On Saturday morning, I received a call from Lucia, she apologized for the delay and said they had a problem with the truck. On Sunday afternoon, he will come to complete the work. I told him anytime we will go home on that day. Everyone waited on Sunday afternoon, without offer, without calling. He left a message with his daughter that we are now waiting for the time of "X" and we had to leave the house, but there will be a house at 7:30 pm. They were expected to see this after that. No calls, without offers. On Monday morning, JC called and said it would come here at 10:00 to finish the bathtub/bathroom. At 10:30, call again and ask me if you have gone to the exhibition room to choose an accessory! At 11:30, I finally arrived in my house with things and started work. I had to leave once or twice to get several pieces of plumbing. He left after several hours, ready to go to the bath/shower basin. Two days later, we completely created our floor and was ready to form bathrooms, but JC left only a piece of water line, not the way it was necessary to join the bathroom. We had to call Jessie again and wait for this work later (later) to show this job. He commented that "we should not stay for us in this way," but we still accuse ourselves of home calls. A week later, we finished everything, but I was waiting for him to return and help Swink and click again. On Saturday, the next day was Easter on Sunday, when 20 people were in our house! Jesse and Lucia were really in our promised time (shock!) And I think he was wrong with them, but then I called him a door seller to call them while contacting them, while they were still abroad and they were seized for an hour, to ask your product! I used to hate completely at this time. Jesse finally entered and finished installation and touch. They asked us to pay another $ 50 ("just a break with a regular home call rate, not a special job on Saturday" - JA). Later that day, I realized that the superiority of the pelvis was nominating our new meter. Jesse did not want to contact again, and my husband separated the area where JC kept the plumber to go to the bathroom; Of course, he covered the area to intimidate and returned to the meter. My husband can repair himself. I complained to my brother (our general contractor and a very good owner of plaster panels), it is clear that my brother had the same experience with JC with the work of his bathroom, but he said he could have believed that JC believed that JC was done just because both of them were in the same job. Apparently no. Jesse Shock and his wife, Lucia, have been appointed by our GC to provide plumbing services when we rebuild our main bathroom. GC was my brother, so I trusted his decision and his experience with plumbing. We fully emphasize our bathroom (even sub -possibility, walls, surfaces, everything!) Breaking it and doing it again. Jesse is appointed to replace the tube tube in the bath/shower basin as well as help in installing a new basin. They had to go to a local exhibition room to choose new accessories for the bath/shower basin, then collect things at their cost; We had to pay a lower price. They increased the toilet by about six inches or more, although I did not ask or agree to this decision. Jessie has installed a new bathtub/shower tilt, a toilet mile and added a new and click tub, which was slightly transferred from its back place.

Loren I - Profile Image
Loren I
06 May, 2022
Winter Haven, Florida - 33881

Professional and obedience service. The camera allows the display of my sewage line and allows me to know the exact position of my line. I have provided the direction of my sewage line at least 15 times in the past 23 years. OGBORN was the most intense and capable of doing this directed function. Royck crew! Check the sewage line with the optical fiber room and guidance.

John P - Profile Image
John P
27 Oct, 2021
Carthage, Illinois - 62321

The real professionals I have told for years. From the first trip, two air conditioners without the Mitsubishi channel, to the establishment of Sunshine Shon to discuss the home cooling strategies with offices with office employees. In all cases, friendly, specialized, accurate and wide. It is advised very much. Two air conditioning without Mitsubishi channel

VICTORIA B - Profile Image
04 Dec, 2021
Aberdeen, Maryland - 21001

I called around 8:30 pm, and the repair came around 12:30 pm. He decided that the camera in the toilet had left the download chain handle. They put it again and worked well. In the toilet that caused the whistle noise each time determined, it was determined that the filling valve was bad, so he installed a new filling valve and now works without noise. About eight years ago, the plumber thought that we would have to open the wall to enter the tube to stop the noise. He was required to repair two bathrooms

Evelyn L - Profile Image
Evelyn L
04 Sep, 2021
Richmond, Kentucky - 40475

Sanitation cleaning

Matt M - Profile Image
Matt M
02 Feb, 2022
Sarasota, Florida - 34236

Michael was very good, it was very good and I really wanted to use it now, but I couldnt contact her. I was very well aware. He did a great job, cleaned him and did not leave a disaster, spent a lot of time and rushed. He left and created a leak on the basement and helped me search for another leak.

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