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Plump emergency status I cant wait! Our professional plumbing teams will respond quickly and efficiently, and will avoid more future damages and repairs. From small rapid repairs to large -scale work, our modest team has an experience of all types of repair and maintenance. In the event of an emergency, it depends on us for a troublesome problem or to update the full plumbing. Call today and see what we can do for you! 41 years of experience in plumbing and heating

is a new adventure every day and you should meet new people. The solution to peoples problems stimulates our company to succeed. We want to go like the best at work!

Area of expertise: home cleaning service, handyman service, gas leak detection services and more.

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  • Home Cleaning: Need to Hire Local home cleaning plumbers near me from DataXiVi? it's vital to ensure that the home cleaning experts you're eying is insured and licensed.
  • Handyman: Need a professional handyman plumber near you? When it comes to finding a handyman plumbing service that you can trust, look no further than us.
  • Gas Leak Detection: At DataXiVi, We offer gas leak detection services in USA. We can find all types of leaks, including copper pipe leaks, plastic pipe leaks & cast iron pipe leaks.

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Karen D - Profile Image
Karen D
05 Oct, 2021
Calais, Maine - 4619

You want a very responsible, has the right value, returns calls, and time, we are very happy with the quality of his work. Install the new plumbing for a re -view bath project.

Brad S - Profile Image
Brad S
05 Aug, 2026
Arcadia, California - 91006

On May 9, I called Bishin Havard to recover a call, to find out if I could come to my house to give me an appreciation to the bathroom repair. I have sent an email confirmation: dates; Shin: According to our phone conversation today, we held a meeting yesterday at 5:30 pm. Thank you very much for your help! And dates; On May 10, he looked at Hamami, he asked me about what he wanted and said he would be appreciated. He will also be in contact with Greg Hayes for his plumbing estimates. On May 24, I have not heard of any of them for several weeks, so I sent an email to Shane: and the dates; Can you give me an estimate? tell me. Thanks. And dates; On May 29, I called Bishin this morning and asked him if he could give me an appreciation. He said that Greg Memorial went on vacation, so he could not talk to him. (Before he was two weeks ago!) He hopes to summon Hayes today and discuss the cost of erythema repair. Shin also said that he read my email 5/24, but he wanted to speak to Greg before the response. June 3, Lee Shin sent this response to my email 5/24: Dates; Hello, I spoke to Greg. He would like to see his bathroom together. He sees many bathrooms and said he cannot remember his bathroom. (Shin and Greg promised to reform two years ago). I would like to meet the options before giving the price. What do we have to meet? Thanks, Chand quotes. I sent an email on the same day: dates; Shin Lee will work tomorrow at 5:30 pm, on Saturday afternoon. If you want to do this next week, it will work on Thursday at 5:30 pm. Thanks. And dates; On June 7, Lee Shin sent an email: I reviewed W/ Greg and he can meet at Monday 5:30 (if you work for you). Please tell me and plans to gather after that. Thanks, Chand quotes. I answered on the same day: I reported; Looks great !! And quot; On June 11, Shane and Greg was waiting on the way when they arrived at their home. Both saw in the bathroom what to do. Shin asked me if you need a mosaic about the bathtub. I said it depends on the cost. I asked him if he could give me an estimate about the bathtub and a tile. Shin asked me if I wanted tiles on the floor. I said I bought a new floor for Vinyl on the American floor, which is below. Shin was the person who recommended this company when he and Greg Hamami saw two years ago and were about to repair it. Shen asked if he wanted a new pride. Once again, I told him to tell me how to guess him how much he would cost. I told him that I wanted a new wooden floor decoration and a new fan of seal. I will wait for your appreciation before looking at a new treasury for drugs and bathing. He said its good. Greg was talking about how I could buy a new bathtub because my bathtub could break when he tries to get it to fix the plumbing and replace the Shane floor. We go to plumbing from the bathroom and to the ground, or in his absence. Greg said that the city did not tend to the bottom of the tubes, so I have problems draining water from the bathtub and pelvis. They have shown me the amount of the tube that they must change. Shen told I had a completely new floor, without mosaic, even under the bathtub, that the city did not do it. Shin wanted to see the vinyl floor bought by me. He was still in rapper, rolling on some plastic containers on the wall. It seemed satisfied. Greg still saw the toilet in the box that I bought two years ago when they were about to restore everything. He certainly did not like him, and suggested that he withdraw it and buy it intact because of the tank race. I said that, on the other hand, I would like the hot water line go to the toilet to avoid sweat. Greg was against him and said that an unfortunate toilet would be better, he should stay for a long time and that life would be a guarantee of time. I wonder how I will meet with the guarantee. Greg thought about it, then he said he had a sound bath (which is a coincidence) and that he would change me. So Shin asked me when I want to work. I was surprised that I was not sure of the projects he was working on, Greg and how his program would fit. I thought they would tell me when they were available. I hesitated and then decided to give them a month to discover their estimates. After receiving it, I will know the new bathroom accessories that I can buy and have time to buy. In addition, because this date is far away, I will not interfere in its other projects. Shen and Greg and I agreed to start work on Monday 9 July. June 26 I sent an email message to Shin: The deadlines; How is that? I wondered what Greg came to guess. I thought I would ask both to be licensed next week. Thanks for your time. And dates; Shin never responded. Today, July 9 is considered on the first day of Shane and Greg to re -display erythema. I called Greg because I had no address. I said I did not find their guesses. Send an email to Shin, but he did not respond, he must be busy. Greg said they were waiting for a wardrobe and a bathroom and returned with them. I asked him and quoted. How do I know what I will buy if I dont have your assumption? I dont know if I can buy pride, group or tiles. All this depends on what you and Shane will pay for work. And dates; Previously, Greg mentioned the purchase of a bathtub, but only if they broke my current while removing it. If I dont need it, then why do you buy the bathtub? Greg said he would quickly appreciate me and speak to Shin on Wednesday. I said well. I told him. Greg was surprised and said that he would call Bishin today and return with me. I hope that. Greg Hayes called me and the first time a price of $ 3400! I thought and quoted. Oh no, I will not have money to make Shen! And dates; But when he mentioned that the high cost was in East Lanseng, I mentioned that he lived in Lansing, not in East Lanseng. He saw his papers and apologized. I saw the wrong house. He said that his position is going through the taxes of the owners of the house and East Lanseng. Greg gave me a date of $ 1350! yes? Two years ago, its estimates were 1800 dollars. July 10, I reviewed my e -mail and Shin has not yet answered my request to send an email to me. After that, Greg told him that I had no one and that this is what everyone awaits. What is the problem with him? If I do not guess, I should work on tomorrow night, so he would be ready today. I really think about the ethics of work. If you dont know how much I will impose a fee, how can I rent it? On July 11, I called Bishin at 4:19 and got his email. I left a message asking about my appreciation and gave him my contact information again. Something amazing. In the past, he always responded to his cell phone. Greg said he will see Shin today. If I dont listen to Shin soon, I will call Greg and ask him about what is happening to Shin. Do you need to find someone else to work as a tour? On July 12 it was around 10:30 and I still did not hear from Shin. For despair, Greg called. I asked if Shin saw yesterday. Greg and appointment said; Yes, I saw Shin yesterday and spoke a day before. And dates; I said and quote. I didnt hear that. I tried to call it yesterday without luck. I am not sure what to do. I intentionally maintained a correct repair/display in the future so that it can better program me. It does not seem to work. And dates; Greg said he will speak to Shin today and see what is happening. I am ready to suggest a new carpenter/trainee. Well, I also discovered that he had neither call me nor Greg Hayes again. So I see the AGIE menu for the most reliable and professional workers. I cannot recommend recovering calls or Shin Hayes from Greg Hayes. Two years ago I had a dry tube and fixed it. I was very affected. So, when I got to know that I had not only had a dried toilet, but also a bathroom, again I called Greg Hayes. Call a carpenter named Shin Howard from restoring calls to prepare/repair with them. I trusted them to be professionals and to fulfill their promises. It did not happen. Shane and Greg promised to reform erythema two years ago, but Shane called two days ago, saying he needed the help of a family in which the fire was caught. I never heard from him. He should have received a path of bad luck. Being naive, I called Bishin again to ask in May if you repair an erythema (a new floor, a new toilet and a cost) around the bathtub and a new basin. He said he would need to contact Greg Hayes and that he would need to see a bath again to give me an appreciation.

Kiera G - Profile Image
Kiera G
16 Aug, 2022
Chillicothe, Missouri - 64601

I used this plumber twice and there was a great experience, so I called it to start ... with the bathtub at 4:20 pm on Saturday afternoon, I was trying to change the touch of the phone. You need to change the cartridge because it flew to my old house of my hope. Mr. Hartmann said he could not do anything if we do not have the part that I said, he needs to keep water in the rest of the house because I already close the main valve. When his partner Mike contacted, he said that when we asked about how many days of the year he said, he would be $ 98.50 per hour except for Christmas. Again, we asked if there were any weekend calls, so he said there is no one every day. Mike then tells us that we have to pay the trip well, it is okay, we believe that the miles rate is suitable, and they do not charge the construction of their house and traffic at a price of $ 98.50 per hour and do not receive fees to get here. Two hours are needed. , Then for five minutes, the two valves were replaced here. My husband and I could do this on the basement and move forward to download $ 250, saying it was one discount and once. There will be no work that does not go, which is close parts, and the taps should only say if you use American or ears only because they do not like Delta! This is fodder and plumber, and I get something via email or text, which we wrote in writing before using our service, but now their services will not be used, because their estimates will not be used. In addition to existence, one must face the cost. Be a rude to pay more prices for another company ... In some cases, it is correct that you must choose the rate before you ask the rate before you are realized and someone must make decisions per hour that the price does not pay for construction or sitting traffic! Touch the bathtub

Geri P - Profile Image
Geri P
08 Jan, 2022
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - 25425

Tell me how you can build "cheap" already a small shelter house in a cement board in the yard ... Yes, thats right. Later, 2100 hundred dollars, a small "shelter" was 4 Post, could. No one is attached. No pagué por esos materiales y no me fui ... siempre que me hablaron en "efectivo" y dijeron que sería más barato para mí-aparecer de los estados de cuenta del banco, para demostrar que recuperé el dinero que ha Tomado y algunos testigos , I do not have. Evidence. Regardless of this, he held the price of 1500 to 1700 for "Wood". It was indeed "... I am upset with myself to give them these clashes" turned to me ". I am sure they laughed at the bank for my cost. The bathtub was not announced.

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