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Brian Handmans services were serving a street. For at least 18 years, the Lewis region specializes in commercial real estate for old homes and much more, we are proud to satisfy and satisfy the customer.

Area of expertise: kitchen faucet installation service, septic tank installation service, hot tub and spa repair services and more.

  1. Kitchen Faucet Plumber
  2. Septic Tank Plumber
  3. Hot Tub Plumber

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Brian The Handyman Service's Plumbing Services

  • Kitchen Faucet Installation: Kitchen faucet installation services are fairly inexpensive, they can save your lot of time and effort. Plus, a pro can ensure that your new faucet is working or not
  • Septic Tank Installation: DataXiVi know how challenging it can be to find a reliable and trustworthy septic tank cleaning and installation plumbers in the United States, so we're here to help.
  • Hot Tub and Spa Repair: Do you need a experienced plumber for your Hot-tub or SPA? There are professional hot tub and spa repair services available to help you get your spa back up and running.

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Address Moore, OK - 73160, United States
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(Overall 4.6 Out of 5)
AL C - Profile Image
06 Oct, 2022
Owatonna, Minnesota - 55060

Each time, he was responsible, and explained what to do and against him who recommends. I originally called Galin to work after receiving an insulting date from another contractor. He explained what is the problem and can be solved within one day for more than the appropriate cost. Glynn is a very professional, knowledgeable and reasonable price. I recommend this to many others who have a positive response to everyone. We will look at it again for any re -view or repair work. Glynn is outside many problems: heating problems, plumbing problems, and recently replacing touch

James K - Profile Image
James K
04 Jan, 2022
Milford, Connecticut - 06460

rare. After not receiving returns from local plumbers in Harfaril, Massachusetts, our residential units management company sent me. I have filled a model on your website and received the call in 5 minutes, Wow! The person on the phone was cheerful and useful, and the next day my service call was offered at 6:30 pm. It looked better at all times. Phil and John showed the points on time, and they were friendly, humble, and they made it clear that everyone was working and what are the problems. They finished 90 minutes and left to work. Great work, great service, if you need a job that includes, it will be difficult for these people to the top. Fix the leakage drainage in the kitchen sink, replace stability.

Kendra N - Profile Image
Kendra N
30 Oct, 2022
South Carolina, Alabama - 36420

Rudi has been used for the past 10-15 years. He is familiar, experienced, difficult, moral and obedience ... and does a good job. I trust him and if I cannot be there, I will feel comfortable to give him the key to the house. In the field of creative criticism, I think you can improve adherence to dates. We have an old house (1961), and the plumbing is primarily original (but it is well maintained). We collect a handful of problems before contacting the plumber, then we all decided on the same trip. The Rudy experience has saved us with a lot of pain because it knows old accessories and is able to find high -quality original pieces instead of short -term correction with cheap general spare parts. It is patient and takes enough time to explain what and why, so I think I know my house and what is required in the future. When Rudy rented, it becomes rude and not random cooperation. Love her. I also like that I do not pay for the schedules, warehouse manager and public expenditures. Pay to Rudi. The downside is that it does not have much flexibility for the budget of pregnancy. If you receive five calls in one day, you must negotiate what can be seen and when it will be ... and if the job takes longer than expected, the work must be determined again. Rudi compensates for the insight (stiffness of the water?), Then stops picking up things to correct short -term so that you can return to a long -term solution. I will also accept Rudi to accept that he could not help in time, and send me another plumber. Rudi replaced the leakage shower valve bodies, put two old leaks, replace the cooking conversion valve and open a slow movement drainage.

Martin H - Profile Image
Martin H
26 Sep, 2021
Auburn, New York - 13021

Things went well. Students always do a great job. They are a "Go" plumber and give them good advice. Unwanted drainage tube in washing

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