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When Calypso Plumbing ink. Below are the main team members in our operations who keep it easily because our tubes will do so after cleaning. -Span> To rest, we offer 24-hour emergency service and we are fully believed in their safety and an employee made of licensed technicians with experience.

Area of expertise: chimney sweep service, roofing service, shower & tub installation services and more.

  1. Chimney Sweep Plumber
  2. Roofing Plumber
  3. Shower & Plumber

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Calypso Plumbing, Inc.'s Plumbing Services

  • Chimney Sweep: Hire quelified chimney sweep services expert from DataXiVi. A professional chimney sweep plumber will have the knowledge and experience to clean your chimney quickly and effectively.
  • Roofing: Need to hire a roofer? With the right roofing repair services expert, you don't have to worry about waiting around for someone to come out.
  • Shower & Tub Installation: When it comes to Shower and Tub Installation services, we are your one-stop shop. Our qualified contractors provide quick, affordable Shower repair services.

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Address Grand Junction, CO - 81501, United States
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(Overall 4.7 Out of 5)
Brian R - Profile Image
Brian R
08 Feb, 2022
Oraibi, Arizona - 86039

My experience was good. it was good. They are responsible and appropriate values. Therefore, I stumbled with them. When I called them to organize an installation trip, I told them what the fireplace was and wanted the same heater, but they called to change the delivery process twice to install it. When he came, he not only had a heater, but I took it. It was different, but he said it was a reliable heater. This was the person who decided that I really didnt want it, but I accepted it. It was the only primary class. I still have no reason for the complaint because I was just founded, so I will see what a demonstration I will get. The quality of the service was good. I love people and facilities. It was an alternative to the current composition that is consistent with all the symbols. I have no complaint there. Yesterday I kept a new water heater.

Clay R - Profile Image
Clay R
08 Nov, 2021
San Pedro, California - 90731

Our hot water heater came out, so we called the man he created. When he was called (the next day), he said he would be "tomorrow" in my house. Instead, he left without coming to my house or bothered to call me to say he will not be available. When we try to contact her, Vikuel happens. He did not provide a service, this is the problem.

Bruce O - Profile Image
Bruce O
25 Sep, 2021
Redmond, Oregon - 97756

They worked quickly and were fast and humble. What could you ask for more! It has fixed a broken tube during the cold.

JENNY  L - Profile Image
27 Dec, 2022
Kingsville, Texas - 78363

In 2010, she sold an old house in Beeulville, the neck. The lines of the lower part of the house were comfortable, the incorrect material was used, and we did not have outputs to breathe drains (you do not know the right vocabulary). It replaces all lines and do all the things necessary to ensure this inspection. And he did this. I had 3 other estimates: $ 1,000, $ 750, $ 650, and Mr. Jones estimated $ 600. His bill reached $ 575 as well. He and his assistant were very professional and effective. When I went to my next house in Rocky Point Neck, there was a leakage in the bathroom in the main bathroom, and both ponds were necessary to bend and stopping the washing machine. He and his assistant took care of him and I have no problem with him. The bill was about $ 250. There is currently a leakage in a kitchen basin, it is necessary. Everything comes in groups! Of course, I plan to contact Mr. Jones to do so. I am sure that the work will take place in a very effective and professional way. The first job: April 2010: canceling, changing and supporting all drainage lines under the house and moved to banks. 2 Business: July 2010: Violation in the main bathroom shower, closed washing migration line, 2 scale in the Master bath. Previous history will not allow 2 dates, so I included it here. He worked with me twice and planned to contact him to do another work tomorrow.

Catherine F - Profile Image
Catherine F
05 Oct, 2021
Marysville, California - 95901

Fast service programming to pump and inspect our sewage tank. If the tank’s opening detect provides me with some money, it completely describes how to do so. We will definitely use it again. However, the pump or gearbox leaked from the bomb and stained a grass area. This area will be treated and cured, it is a little ugly at the present time.

Gregory L - Profile Image
Gregory L
07 Dec, 2021
Tewksbury, Massachusetts - 01876

thats cool. It is smart, reliable and appropriate. Dave has been used for decades, and when he did so, I always felt that their prices were appropriate and appropriate. Over the years, he made important articles, and I appreciate his credibility. Sometimes it is shown with one of his children, but basically I think it is an offer for men. I will continue to use Dave exactly. The employer, Larry Cole, fixed several bathrooms and fixed an external water leakage on several properties of the building, which I have. It is fast, experienced and very appropriate.

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