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Spoke and commercial plumbing services, excellent customer service and proud of my work every day. My Instagram contains TTAA_Plumbing there you can see free estimates in my work

All I really enjoy in my work.

Area of expertise: chimney repair service, pressure assist toilets installation service, faucet repair services and more.

  1. Chimney Repair Plumber
  2. Toilets Toilets Plumber
  3. Faucet Repair Plumber

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Castellon Plumbing Corp's Plumbing Services

  • Chimney Repair: DataXiVi's chimney repair plumbers offer numerous services. Be that as it may, you need a professional to perform annual chimney cleaning and inspection.
  • Pressure Assist Toilets Installation: Why You Need to Hire Home Cleaning Services Plumber? We are here for you if you are looking for locally owned and operated toilet installation services near me in the USA.
  • Faucet Repair: Need help fixing a dripping faucet or a broken handle? DataXiVi's professional Faucet repair plumbers are experts at fixing all types of faucets.

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Address East Greenwich, RI - 2818, United States
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(Overall 4.7 Out of 5)
Laura R - Profile Image
Laura R
28 Sep, 2021
Omaha, Nebraska - 68102

Joe recommended a kind of our thugs. They left immediately, installed it and turned the lines into the dishwasher. They changed the elimination of our waste.

Sylvia S - Profile Image
Sylvia S
11 Jan, 2022
Calhoun, Georgia - 30701

Mr. Manard recommended another contractor. After helping me diagnose the problem, Mr. Minard allowed me to prepare most of the site, including the old surface sub -sub -waste line, to provide some job positions. After digging the lines, he answered with a team of three men, a plumbing and attendance. He worked about six hours from the time of the hour (18 hours of the man in total) and offered about $ 150 in the article. Work quality is good, but it has run out of time to complete everything required. I will not use it accurately again because I cannot afford its rates. I think $ 70 per hour of a person is excessive, as there was a rate imposed by every man. New lines of gray water waste lines were created side by side

Carol W - Profile Image
Carol W
23 Sep, 2021
Beaufort, North Carolina - 28516

Chris called and was at home within hours. He was modest, social and professional. I would like to recommend. Salim toilet

ELAINE & DON M - Profile Image
20 Jan, 2022
Lebanon, Pennsylvania - 17042

They were on the specified date, the professionals, and they knew what they were doing. They had all the pieces and teams to work and solve the problem. My complaint will be that they refuse to submit an estimate on the phone containing a fixed price list that cannot be determined until the problem is diagnosed. They take a wonderful "clinical rate" that is abandoned if they are allowed to work, which turns out to be more than 50 % of other estimates. As a result, I recommend using the plumbing that is loaded from that time. On everyone, the work was good, but the cost was excessive for what was done ($ 12.00 instead of the cylinder and modified it to $ 226.50 per click). We had two water heater. We have used Andy for more than 10 years for all our needs and plumbing recommendations.

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