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Our services arise because we are around your pets. Enhums Evalet helps reduce your pets and limit themselves as parents of pets. We offer many free trade agreements when we are ready. Because they feel comfortable and see that we are soft, we quickly prepare others. This attracts the attention of your pets when it falls in love with pampering.

My favorite part of preparation is to know new pets and know how to change when they understand that we should only love them. It is like treatment when you accept your cheeks. I would just like to prepare it as a hobby and I walk with your pets, while I am ready and receive kisses.

Area of expertise: swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service, swimming pool inspection service, shower valve replacement and installation services and more.

  1. Swimming Pool Plumber
  2. Swimming Pool Plumber
  3. Shower Valve Plumber

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CatDawg Grooming Inc.'s Plumbing Services

  • Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance: Finding a local pool repairing plumbers near me? However, you're spoilt for choice with the various pool services in the country, regardless of where you are.
  • Swimming Pool Inspection: Taking advantage of a swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and inspection services plumber can save you time, money, and energy in the long run.
  • Shower Valve Replacement and Installation: We are a team of shower valve replacement and installation services experts in the industry for a long time. They will know the correct way to install the valves.

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Address Lubec, ME - 4652, United States
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Deborah M - Profile Image
Deborah M
02 Dec, 2021
San Leandro, California - 94577

Chris was the best professional, clean and perfection in our re -show. He was quickly and repeated the phone call and the book almost immediately. He had previously made it a cover for a water line that he no longer used and was so impressed that he had returned to other occasions so that the plumbing element could be completed, which I might do myself. to have. .. But with a lot of effort. Solid professional. Internal water lines, water heater without installing the tank and connected banks, shower and installed toilet.

Michael T - Profile Image
Michael T
08 Apr, 2023
Bluefield, West Virginia - 24701

The plumber came, and the tube showed and replaced it. End in 20 minutes. Return with an invoice, which had 45 minutes service. I went to the phone and called my husband to ask what he wanted to do. My husband called the office to discuss the case. It should be noted that later that night, I reviewed the safety camera photos to ensure that it was about 20 minutes, and it was. At this point, the plumber noted that a side of the sink was slowly flowing. The other side was recovering. He asked me if I had a piston. I told him that it was not necessary. Children likely tied on the edge of the drainage, while the pelvis was out of the arrangement and I would treat it later. He told me that he was not allowed to leave any problem that has not been solved. I decided to give him a piston. I read my husband and said that I should go forward and pay 45 minutes while repairing the exchange. He was working on it for a long time. The end result is that the animation was pushed from one side of the pelvis under the line, and previous cabinets, on the wall and now it has a complete obstruction. Instead of opening the plumbing under the pelvis, pushed it all the way to clean it to clean it, which it just installed. Additional plumbers are displayed and started working with a snake. I was worried about the time to solve this problem. At this stage, my husband returned to the house. Call the owner, Alex, and ask what they intend to do. He took his leg a simple problem and made him an important problem. He said we will remain responsible for his content rate. My husband asked whether we could agree with a fixed rate. He didnt think it was appropriate to pay someone for five hours of work, because they were already working for three hours and still did not know the time it would take. Now they were talking about removing the tube and destroying the wall to replace it. We ask them to leave. We invite a new company the next day. Not only did the plumber pay the obstacles completely, but also penetrated a hole in the tube. They managed to fix it at a fixed rate of $ 220. In addition, they did not need to tear the wall, which was planned to be Bills. We also had to pay the bells bill. It should never happen, and when it was done, they should have done the right thing. We felt very disappointed. We were a long -term agent. We have used this company dozens of times. We have its main job, including changing the main line at home. We did not complain before. It is very disappointing that they treated us in this way. When a very good customer goes to you with a complaint, he should be taken seriously. They were more worried about losing their workers at the rate of time than doing the right thing. In my opinion, this company increased very quickly. The initial plumbing showed that there is a mistake. Sometimes eliminate. A good company will do the right thing. There was a leakage in a drowning tube in the kitchen. They were able to leave the next day, which was very good. My husband was already running. He separated the tube and told me what the tube should be replaced.

Helen F - Profile Image
Helen F
13 Dec, 2022
Monmouth, Illinois - 61462

Originally, $ 85 per hour was killed and it was 7 hours here. He asked for $ 800, what we paid and now wants another $ 247, which was called. He was rude and complained. Whatever he did, he was behaving as if he was doing a favor. I will not recommend anyone. I was about to change a cover in a bathroom, but I couldnt do this. Replace 3 taps and install a new touch to a new bathroom.

Doug N - Profile Image
Doug N
09 Dec, 2021
Oneonta, New York - 13820

On the weekend night, an external tube was broken and the water flow continuously. Many plumbers were not ready to help at the weekend, but Max immediately responded to the call and arrived in less than an hour. They were martyred at a fair price and replaced the tube and play in a short time. A very friendly and fast response. It will be very recommended. The water line recently closed the valve value). Replace the hot water heater in the past along with the kitchen faucet and the new installation of the closing valve below the pelvis.

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