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clear plumbing, ink. At work, you have a long -term relationship with every customer who uses our services. We try to provide an extraordinary service that will save time and money. Most of them focus on the importance of effective participation in local community programs, charitable opportunities and care. We believe in sincere and reliable service. We have an additional price directly, allowing customers to realize the cost of work. We offer guarantees and ensure that they are not from anyone in our business. Your service experience begins at the moment you decide to give us the opportunity to solve your plumbing needs. We want the whole process to be a process that makes you feel satisfied. Today, call us about any plumbing problem you may face. We are pleased to provide some signs and advice. We know that a satisfied customer will become a loyal agent for life and will become part of the clear family.

Area of expertise: pool building service, under counter water filter system installation service, slab leak repair services and more.

  1. Pool Building Plumber
  2. Water Filter Plumber
  3. Slab Leak Plumber

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Cleary Plumbing, Inc.'s Plumbing Services

  • Pool Building: If you want to build a pool, thorough research is required to choose a pool building services experts. You can check the reviews & ratings from previous clients.
  • Under Counter Water Filter System Installation: When choosing an under-counter water filter system, Hiring a professional plumber for installation is usually the best option and you're getting a fair price for it.
  • Slab Leak Repair: There's likely a slab leak in your area. If not properly done, the DataXiVi's expert slab leak repair plumbers can cause this problem. To get services call them!

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Address Costa Mesa, CA - 92626, United States
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Debra M - Profile Image
Debra M
21 Mar, 2022
Georgetown, South Carolina - 29440

The year 2017 presented the new water heater with life guarantee. About two months ago, my water heater was immersed and approached John, the employer. He arrived on time and replaced the thermostat. After leaving my house an hour later, the tank water became fashionable again and the water was flooded again. I made John, and said I need another tank and call the company to order a new tank. However, John and I create another date to try to fix the tank before changing it. Replace the thermostat and a launch valve. After three weeks, without a solution. The water heater is dripping again. I called John about the problem and advised him that I need a new tank. He said he was in Florida and would call me when I return. After the conversation ended, he re -called and asked me to find another plumber because I stay away from him and attach the phone. I was never humiliating. It was very rude and degrading. I will not recommend anyone to deal with it. He was paid for his services every time. Now he does not want to respect my life agreement. The error belongs to him! Hot water

Richard C - Profile Image
Richard C
02 Jan, 2022
Muncie, Indiana - 47305

In our region, I know that it is severely recommended by a network of other families. He immediately responded to the phone, was modest in the call and soon made an appointment. He read 30 minutes before the appointment to say he was on his way and arrived 5 minutes before our specified date. It was equally good in the person on your phone. He immediately found the plumbing problem and quickly solved it. He also cleaned some slow banks in the sink that were not related to the service invitation. They only charged me with a service call ($ 75) because all the work was minimal. I will definitely use it and give anyones great advice. He decided to escape fontnería in a toilet.

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