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About Cross County Plbg. & Htg. Inc.

Cross County has been working since 1985, which serves all stages of simple repairs to the new building of your home.

We provide and install all kinds of water heater and plumbing accessories, either replace or repair in your current home or I do not agree in plumbing for our new home

Cross County Plumbing is also a proud member of the Valle Del Passcack and New Jersey Plumber Master League. We are completely licensed and tied from New Jersey. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you only have one question!

Area of expertise: submersible pump installation and repair service, pool water line repair service, kitchen drain installation and repair services and more.

  1. Submersible Pump Plumber
  2. Pool Water Plumber
  3. Kitchen Drain Plumber

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Cross County Plbg. & Htg. Inc.'s Plumbing Services

  • Submersible Pump Installation and Repair: Our Submersible (SUMP PUMP) Repair Service is the perfect solution to your water equipment problem. At DataXiVi, you can find reliable and experienced plumbers.
  • Pool Water Line Repair: There are three types of pool water line repair services available: full, partial, and off-site. Book a pro plumber, They will come to your home and clean your pool
  • Kitchen Drain Installation and Repair: If you're dealing with a clogged sink, the best thing you can do is call a professional drain cleaning and repair services. we'll be happy to help with that too.

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Address Mountain View, CA - 94035, United States
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Stan G & Carolyn Faye O - Profile Image
Stan G & Carolyn Faye O
02 Jul, 2021
West Des Moines, Iowa - 50265

I had to rent the appointed team that I needed. She was sharp and went well to fix it. I used it twice. Replace an oxidized tube in my courtyard.

Joan G - Profile Image
Joan G
28 Sep, 2021
Dillon, Montana - 59725

Poetry very satisfied! It is reliable and provides high -quality work. I will give you an enormous advice to others. Install a new hot water tank

Chetan M - Profile Image
Chetan M
23 Sep, 2021
Ysleta, Texas - 79907

Work was done early, but the public law was very high. An alternative valve, a fixed shower touch, the kitchen faucet

Bella K - Profile Image
Bella K
27 Nov, 2022
Newton, Iowa - 50208

Our lower floor has started to flow, so we call NJ American Water Company: We had a line coverage. Our experience with NJ Water Company was less fun, another review of another moment. Cleaning is sent to look. He decided that the sewage pipes were closed and believed that the tube was under a tree in our backyard and that the roots grew in the tube. Two people and a trick saw that he was trying to enter the tube throughout the day through the roots on a large scale: the new lining of my brand was damaged on the road. He saw a penetration of part of the cutting coating: All my house and the garage were finished a few days ago. Finally, he left and had to return on another day. It was displayed again, it is not fully affected by work and without supervision of supervision. Two days later, they still cannot find pipes. Keep in mind that my entire family was without water or bath for several days. They decide that we must remove the tree so that they can reach the tube. He spent $ 2000 to remove the tree on Saturday. The companys residents return and spend it all day, again, to find tubes. During all this, we are without water or bathroom and we still have any indicators on the owner or management on the site. Finally, they wake up and send back to make a little deep pits. I talk to the owner over the phone and does not blame us to eliminate properly on the trunk so that his people can see the tube, and tells us that he loses money in this work because now he is now renting it more than the amount. Nj Amenican Water. It stops the bill for the setback. They dig and be Cavan, without tubes. I am not sure that he inspired them to see another place, but after working on a site more than three days to find the sewage tube, they finally located the tube and fixed it within minutes. It collapsed and was not full of my tree roots. In fact, the tube was sitting under my garage, the place where the city was placed exactly. Fabulous. Finally, I spent $ 2000 to get rid of a completely healthy tree, without any reason and the owner of the company refuses to pay damage to the new blanket of my brand. I am considering the Small Claims Court and there is no doubt that a claim will be submitted to a better work office and its license will be canceled by the Cranford Municipality. Do not use this company. He has done incredibly complicated. We have spent $ 2000 to remove a tree because they believed that the sewage tube was sitting under the tree and that the roots were the cause of the payments. They were wrong: a few days later, they found the tube, the place where the city was placed exactly. I removed the tree for no reason. In addition, it caused 600 dollars damage to a new partial garage. The brand was completed a few days before the start of the new roof and paint coating. The company refuses to take responsibility and will not pay the loss.

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