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Jwr Home Services offers Allen and TX and nearby cities since 2015. We have done any kind of work you need, from great renewal to small business! We are experts in the field of reasonable prices. We are a professional trainee service, completely licensed and insured. It guarantees satisfaction, not to mention our work.

in Jwr Home Services, we understand that this is the difficult time for these strange tasks and even in the wonderful projects they will love, but they feel that it cannot be tolerated. Best of that, contact us for a free estimate of any kind of work

Area of expertise: video camera inspection service, septic system repair service, trenchless sewer repair services and more.

  1. Video Camera Plumber
  2. Septic System Plumber
  3. Sewer-line Sewer Plumber

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  • Video Camera Inspection: You need a professional video camera inspection that will readily meet your needs. Our experts are always on call, You can rely on us for plumbing services.
  • Septic System Repair: Septic system problems can be a very serious concern, not only because they cost a lot of money but also because they are hard to detect until the problem has grown too large.
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair: Trenchless sewer repair services is a less invasive and more effective solution, whether you are dealing with a root invasion or any plumbing issues.

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Address Washington, NC - 27889, United States
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Email Address jwrhomeservices@dataxivi.com

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Jan S - Profile Image
Jan S
05 Feb, 2023
Nacogdoches, Texas - 75961

My God! This was a terrible experience. Bayani is a mistake after misunderstanding. 06/28/2017 I called Jones Plumbing and spoke with Linda, I asked to ask for a small house to meet a small house, and he said he founded a plumbing call here and set a trip he made. 06/30/2017 Buba (William Noland) came from home to the house. Boba looked very good, and he was aware of what would be required, etc. Obviously, I needed experience. He had many other dialects, no Boba provided less, but according to his knowledge, she agreed to give him a job. He said that the work should be taken only one, and perhaps two days. 3/2017 Buba was shown during lunch. I think I will capture it after lunch, to find out the progress made, discuss the action plans, etc. He went before returning. Buba called, and said he would return to the next day. 7/7/2017 I contacted Boba again, and said that his decrease was a mistake in his leg, and he had gone to obtain some medications and ended again on 10/7/2017 next Monday. 7/10/2017 No bubba 12/7/2017 Buba called and told me that I am very busy and I will not return. I called Linda and Jones Plumbing and asked him if I was going to send someone else to finish. She did not know that Buba had worked. You did not know Zodiak the appointment, nothing. Then I gave you information. She said she would meet another person to finish. 07/13/2017 called Justin, and said that he would come here the next day. 4/14/2017 Justin arrived, and he looked at the job and said that he would start from the two. 7/17/2017 Justin started today. End the pipeline under the house and began to run the tube in the apartment behind the house. The gap was 4 inches depth. I told him that Justin Standard was 12-18 inches depth in the area. He made some calls, then told me that he called the call, before drilling, now, and they will spend 3 days before returning. He mobilized all his possessions and left. 7/21/2017 I did not reach a call and did not distinguish anything and never Justin. Linda called and told him what Justin told me. She said she would invite Justin and discover what is happening. Justin must contact me and continue to make sure it did. 7/24/2017 No one is the call to me. Linda called, told me what I had told before. I am waiting here in a call I dont hope to receive. In addition, the additional key to the house is missing. I did not use the key because Justin used the key to open the day that started, and now the key is missing, not on the property. Great, now I must see the house again. 7/27/2017 Justin finally called me and said: “What is this about me, theft of a key.” I said, the key disappeared, I did not say that you stole the key? He was on the verge of being sued and then suspended. It is completely out of control and the informal situation was the situation I was running. Fill a small house again.

Judith H - Profile Image
Judith H
14 Dec, 2021
Bemidji, Minnesota - 56601

He became very soft and ended in 4 days. Korei and assistant came on Monday, withdrew the bathtub, mosaics, and they shower and new tubers on that day. On Tuesday, the floor and plaster stopped and stabilized the bathrooms. On Wednesday, the clothes and floor table were installed and placed in Zokalo on Thursday. It was very clean and clean. The Hanafi also decided to drown in our kitchen. I will not hesitate to do another work for us. The bathroom is beautiful and we are happy. Bathing basin, bathing, toilet, dressing room, floor, plaster on the bathroom and putting it in the socket.

Gene Y - Profile Image
Gene Y
20 Sep, 2022
Neenah, Wisconsin - 54956

Excellent results and in less than 30 minutes Simple function replace NAL-I showering with a shower and supplied hoses

Wade Y - Profile Image
Wade Y
07 Oct, 2021
Stratford, Connecticut - 06615

Very responsible professional service. If I can give it+ then. Thanks The cartridge was replaced in the main bathtub, the tank works in a toilet, and the toilet restored with a new (broken old) ring.

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