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The family has a local commercial feature, as well as years of experience in heating and cooling. The service sector is a 50 -milliliter. Specialization in sales, service and installation:

Oil, natural gas, propane, boiler, water heater, roof units, ovens and electric heating systems.

The real beating and moisturizer.

We are proud of what we do. NEET work, quality service and something very important, and very economic prices without cutting angles. Residential is our specialization in medium business.

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Area of expertise: swimming pool inspection service, shower valve replacement and installation service, swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services and more.

  1. Swimming Pool Plumber
  2. Shower Valve Plumber
  3. Swimming Pool Plumber

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Meridian Mechanical's Plumbing Services

  • Swimming Pool Inspection: Taking advantage of a swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and inspection services plumber can save you time, money, and energy in the long run.
  • Shower Valve Replacement and Installation: We are a team of shower valve replacement and installation services experts in the industry for a long time. They will know the correct way to install the valves.
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance: Finding a local pool repairing plumbers near me? However, you're spoilt for choice with the various pool services in the country, regardless of where you are.

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Address White Plains, NY - 10601, United States
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Phil G - Profile Image
Phil G
09 Feb, 2022
Lenox, Massachusetts - 1240

Sam and his crew not only created a complete system, but also helped clean the attic. Its use in falling and controlling the entire installation process causes very clean. We continue to use our vital space while working. We are very affected and recommend their service. Electric of Stevenson has installed the full duct of the "heat/cooling system", all units, fans, openings, etc. in our house. We cannot be happy with a toxic work and value, especially the efficiency of the unit. Our electricity prices have already become almost a third after the change in this new unit.

Rhonda T - Profile Image
Rhonda T
18 Sep, 2021
Richmond, California - 94801

I never returned my phone. Leave many messages. Which. A separate plumber will be found. Which

Miriam S - Profile Image
Miriam S
12 Oct, 2022
Peterborough, New Hampshire - 03458

Mark returned our calls and continued to contact before the specified time. Show this in time and solve the problem quickly. They were the site of the Fugo source in our tube due to the cold. He fixed the escape.

Kate G - Profile Image
Kate G
10 Mar, 2022
Norwalk, Connecticut - 06851

Poetry very satisfied! Of course, the crack led to water and was seen in the middle of Friday. It was difficult for the plumbing company to send a plumber so far on Friday. Most plumbing companies do not work on weekends, except for emergency rates and height. I felt that we were looking at our house without water for a long weekend. In addition, many leaders have been booked next week. It was different. Although he was not a client yet, he realized that my families were not at home during the days of their absence at home, on Friday afternoon to get one of their pillars in our home on Friday in the afternoon in which he was working. He digs his escape, gave me my options and chose it to fix the current line. He gave me a date to repair the front and honor the appointment when the reform was more complicated and long. They understood, real, professionals and human beings throughout the operation. Is my plumber move without any doubt! Thanks API !!! The drainage tube and the total system of the laundry room under it

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