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We are the best leading company owned by a small family in Tampa. Specialization in cleaning and plumbing service. We have like this since 1994. Every Tamba serves the Gulf region. We use pre -sewage cleaning equipment. The best and best snake machine was created. We are behind all our work. Service offer: sewage cleaning, hydraulic gito, leakage detection, discovery of sewage, leaks repair without flames (without burning building), bathing, toilet, sink, fat trap, video examination, video examination, smell, detection, any service Plumbing.

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Area of expertise: slab leak repair service, pool building service, under counter water filter system installation services and more.

  1. Slab Leak Plumber
  2. Pool Building Plumber
  3. Water Filter Plumber

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Mike Phillips Enterprises Inc The Drain Expert's Plumbing Services

  • Slab Leak Repair: There's likely a slab leak in your area. If not properly done, the DataXiVi's expert slab leak repair plumbers can cause this problem. To get services call them!
  • Pool Building: If you want to build a pool, thorough research is required to choose a pool building services experts. You can check the reviews & ratings from previous clients.
  • Under Counter Water Filter System Installation: When choosing an under-counter water filter system, Hiring a professional plumber for installation is usually the best option and you're getting a fair price for it.

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Address Lincoln, NE - 68508, United States
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Email Address mikephillipsenterprisesincthedrainexpert@dataxivi.com

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(Overall 3.8 Out of 5)
William H - Profile Image
William H
18 Aug, 2022
Mitchell, South Dakota - 57301

The plumber has never been called to make an appointment It was not called a plumber

John P - Profile Image
John P
17 Oct, 2022
West Springfield, Massachusetts - 01085

Terrible. He was called in the list in Craigmile. Two people were in my house for estimates. After talking about me, transfer the bathtub drain on me and install a dual tub instead of one shower and toilet plate. Keep in mind that her husband and husband have already left everything until the walls were open and went completely to the bathtub. A man showed that the concrete was allowed to go to something to break ... After transferring the huge hole to migrate to the center of the bathroom, he said he had to leave. Leave and tell me how to fill the hole! The hole was filled the next night. The next call was a week later when he said he was waiting for a new date from his boss for dual sink lines, he told him that he would always serve as a dual basin. He complained about his back and needed a bullet. I asked for a shower corner support and contacted me on Sunday ... After any call on Sunday, I collected another 300.00 checks from 300.00 checks so far, this happened on the first day. When he made a hole and left me to the end. Two last weeks remain without a call, Liu and I call it. I finally received a lesson ... I left APIC. You need to find someone else:! That is, when you were given this man (who spoke), he gives someone working! That was not 700.00 for me, he did nothing, but the hole of the fossils left the drainage, to leave the hole there and implement a line of washing machine in 2x4 ... for 700.00! Without contact or lines of banks, bathrooms and lights, as they were not discussed. Mandan coach never saw that they sent me to dirty villages around the assembly with a lawyer. When I asked for a recovery of 200.00, I will not return if I am not going, at least finish the pelvic area ... only the non -professional people who lie, no! .... I submitted a claim before the court to return my money, and the photos were submitted before and then ... in addition to a copy of the text messages. Complete all objects professionally and complete so that there is good! ... do not use these criminals! The president gave a call for any kind of day as he can come to the site and organize something to repair it ... his answer ... He will invite his class ... these people are a joke ...

John R - Profile Image
John R
04 Jul, 2022
Port Angeles, Washington - 98362

After I became another plumbing company, he told me that I needed Hydrophole all my house, I received another opinion, Aquatek. Mickey was completely super professional. I will use this company again!

Lyn A - Profile Image
Lyn A
30 Sep, 2021
Leadville, Colorado - 80461

Good. They knew what was really bad. The price was not very bad, but it was not cheap They removed the old dishwasher and installed a new one.

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