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About Nancy Interiors

I was an internal designer for nearly 40 years and I have the honor to design beautiful houses in Long Island, Connecticut, New York. I build elegant and easy to live elegantly.

Area of expertise: boiler repair and installation service, hvac repair service, furnace repair services and more.

  1. Boiler Repair Plumber
  2. HVAC Repair Plumber
  3. Furnace Repair Plumber

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Nancy Interiors's Plumbing Services

  • Boiler Repair and Installation: At DataXiVi - We have professional boiler repair and installation contractors, they provides high-quality services for your boiler & other plumbing systems.
  • HVAC Repair: Hire HVAC repair services experts to service your unit regularly. They can perform a tune-up to ensure everything is running smoothly and can spot any potential problems.
  • Furnace Repair: Furnace failures often occur during the coldest winter months? That's why it's important to have a furnace repair services experts to call on when you need help.

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Address Malibu, CA - 90265, United States
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Larry C - Profile Image
Larry C
22 Dec, 2021
Muscatine, Iowa - 52761

The initial installation was treated. They arrived at the time and looked skilled. When the work was completed, it seemed well and the bill was pushed. Before leaving the reformer, it was closer to the water filter and settled. He made her a gesture and said that he would get new accessories and that he would return that day. No longer. I just called every day for a week. They only have an answer service. The answer says the answer is that I will receive the call. It never happens. I cannot recommend using it. Now I must pay additional costs to solve it. Install a water antiseptic and a filter

Holly P - Profile Image
Holly P
05 Nov, 2022
Sainte Genevieve, Missouri - 63670

Dan did a great job. The copper tube that was nominated in the basement was replaced. It was difficult because the tube was on the jost roof and across the oven channels, etc. Required to get a portion of the tube and its new replacement. Dan wiped the problem, determined how it was solved and was about an hour or less than the home.

Janet W - Profile Image
Janet W
08 May, 2022
Johnson City, Texas - 78636

Good work at a reasonable price.

Judy H - Profile Image
Judy H
16 Oct, 2021
Grinnell, Iowa - 50112

Very professional and very fast. It was difficult to reach the place, so it was more difficult. The value was what I thought would happen and I was happy with the work he accomplished. The main closure valve has been converted into a house

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