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nyc enberminator commercial insects.

For equivalent, New York City offers many unique challenges that cannot be found in most other important cities. However, in the RJS insect, we can face these challenges and cross them because we believe that controlling the most quality insects begins with three foundations and basic purposes: insects with an insect experience, an effective solution and excellent customer service. With New Yorks commercial youth, our roots are in specialized insect management, not advertising, and we believe in focusing on what we do.

Commitment to excellence in New York City begins with our people. We only rent the most qualified technicians to ensure our customers get the service they expect and deserve it. Each RJS technician is a verified commercial, as the integrated experience provides the best insect control in New York City. We know our customers, so that we can provide solutions for combating commercial pests that meet the unique needs and challenges for each characteristic.

We believe that distributing the highest quality results because Ecneric in New York depends a lot. Just provide an environment without insects. Our services are designed to increase security, health and calm. When taking care of the characteristics of our customers, such as the advanced insect control solutions for New York City, we gain satisfaction and loyalty to long -term customers.


Area of expertise: under counter water filter system installation service, slab leak repair service, pool building services and more.

  1. Water Filter Plumber
  2. Slab Leak Plumber
  3. Pool Building Plumber

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  • Under Counter Water Filter System Installation: When choosing an under-counter water filter system, Hiring a professional plumber for installation is usually the best option and you're getting a fair price for it.
  • Slab Leak Repair: There's likely a slab leak in your area. If not properly done, the DataXiVi's expert slab leak repair plumbers can cause this problem. To get services call them!
  • Pool Building: If you want to build a pool, thorough research is required to choose a pool building services experts. You can check the reviews & ratings from previous clients.

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Lynn M - Profile Image
Lynn M
28 Jul, 2024
Pasco, Washington - 99301

We bought a new house in October 2015. During the first year, we have documented many issues that must be addressed with our creator on one annual anniversary. In November 2016, we submitted a request for guarantee through the Home Builder site that included the toilet leakage in the main bathroom. At that time, the originator sent a plumber to assess the problem. The toilet did not remove to see the root cause. They were wearing the toilet forward, and they saw that the screws were loose. Press the screws that got the toilet and told us that the escape should stop. I was out of the house in 10 minutes, but we trust the "specialist" and we did not think twice. Quickly forward in June 2020 and discovered a leak on the surface of our kitchen under the main bathroom. We consult a plumber, remove the toilet to find the oxidized wax loop and edge. The plumber discovered that the equipped edge was not at the top of the stature ready and no external external edge was used. This caused tension in the wax loop, making it failure and gray water filters on the floor and the roof of our house. This position has become more than that, the wax loop must live in the life of the bathroom (20-30 years). In addition, as a sick turn of the pot, the toilet in our other bathroom began to drip water after flowing during the days of the main leaks in the bathroom. The plumber returned to our house and took the toilet to find two loops of wax under the toilet. The plumber explained that this is the way in which the plumber cuts the corners because there is a large space between the elimination and the edge of the toilet. The plumber also announced that even after getting rid of the toilet, the toilet should follow the wax ring. Both the wax ring in the main toilet and secondary fall when removing the toilet, indicating that the wax/toilet ring has not been properly installed. I called Bani Casas, who said I am outside my house, and I will have to contact the best path in my work. I first spoke to Gary. Gary is the customer service manager, and unfortunately he did not live his title. After explaining the situation and emphasizing that a plumber came to our house, to assess the problem to eliminate the toilet, Gary responded with a man: “Oh, I am sure of professionalism. At that time and even if we asked again, the coach did not evaluate his conclusions. The restoration of the company that was helping to clean gray waters at home also reached the coach; however, her answer was only, "They only sent me to take pictures, and I will not decide. The next day, but without an answer. I called and spoke to the main office after two commercial days. Rene in the incredible main office and did any customer service in the epic. And share the largest amount! Where I was aware of my situation and that someone called me. After two days without a phone call, I got to the epic again. René responded to the phone and soon transferred me to Gary. In every Glory, he lived again for his strength. He said he examined the pictures and did not see anything bad. When I asked whether normal practices were to install a lip at the sub -branch level and did not end, he said: "It was a normal practice" and that "giving wax rings" with all their use. I know this is not the case because I consulted 3 other leaders who saw the work and identified the original state that rarely installed the equipped edge and that the expanded should have been used. When I asked again if there was a regular practice of bathrooms and the wax ring for more than 4 years, he said again that he reviewed the pictures and saw nothing bad. From a person who did not even come to my house, which he himself was to see the work. At that time he said he would not help us solve any problem. He was rude and worst "customer service manager" that I faced. In general, I will not curse a company or even an official complaint, but the work was generally, and as a result, I do not have thousands of dollars. In addition, the response (or the deficiency there) of the epic is very professional and concern that they continue to use bad decisions and not draw attention to the results. This company is a great fraud and the builders use because it comes at a low price, just because it only does half of the work. Avoid this company at any cost, even if you provide some dollars in the beginning, you will finally pay it. Installation in building home

Lynn & Rick C - Profile Image
Lynn & Rick C
24 Feb, 2022
Plattsmouth, Nebraska - 68048

The water heater was fine when it was established in 2020. However, a leakage recently developed. The house is in a short -term rental and the management company arrived at Frank on this topic. They told them that the valve was dripping from the day of installation (I have my book). He said I refused to penetrate drain through plaster plates. I understand that the water heater should not be liquidated regularly unless there is a problem and we have drainage on the ground for these emergency situations. The water heater has been placed on a solid wooden table, so it is clear that slow leakage is not something we want. When I sent them an email about solving the problem, I received some very strange reactions and accused me of lying about what I have written from my management company. The lower line does not recommend this plumbing. He is incompatible and was rude and acquired in my practice with him. I am clearly getting separate progress to repair the leakage. Replace the water heater

Chris C - Profile Image
Chris C
02 Jan, 2022
Watertown, Massachusetts - 02472

The service it provided was excellent. A technology called Lee managed to clean my support building in one hour, which was very good news for residents of 64. I also had some fears of the water heater and fixed to my expert in the water heater and told him what was happening. Book another date and solve my problem again. I would like to recommend these people completely while fulfilling all my problems. Wonderful company and better technology. It is good to deal with those who explain the real reasons for my problems and are not clear so that they can ship me! They went out to the support streams in my building. I am a property manager and other emergency care systems.

Tony R - Profile Image
Tony R
26 Nov, 2021
Dalton, Georgia - 30720

Very good cleaning with a little ground. Mike and his children were professional, and they explained everything clearly. Mike also wanted to make sure that everything was safer. This symbol obtained from the rules. The oven is also in this little place. Mike more and more. Finance was safely managed. I will rent them again. He was doing a lot of work from the beginning. Nice Close the laundry room lines. Other tubes have been fixed with problems. He decided to drip under the bathroom.

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