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Is Dishan in the residential or commercial sector? Do not search for it anymore. Here in the plumbing in Shaw, pipe tubes or dot tubes problems, low water pressure problems, installation or replacement of plumbing in the open air, repair or maintenance of the outdoor plumbing, and installation of plumbing tubes specializing in the system. Reform or maintenance, installation of shower and bathtub, bathroom repair, pelvic repair and touch, slow or filling problems, pelvic installation and touch, installation or replacement of smaller pump, installation or replacement of simple pump, repair or maintenance of the pump, water heater without examining tanks or Maintenance, installation or replacement of a water heater without tank, repair of a water heater without tank, bathing, bathroom repair, water installation, repair, o water treatment, repair or maintenance of water heater, and installation of water treatment system. Contact us to test our services.

Area of expertise: leak repair service, sprinkler repair service, house cleaning services and more.

  1. Leak Repair Plumber
  2. Sprinkler Repair Plumber
  3. House Cleaning Plumber

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  • Leak Repair: When you employ leak repair services experts to find leaks in your home's plumbing system and fix them quickly, You should try to call our local plumbers today!
  • Sprinkler Repair: Hiring a professional sprinkler repair plumber can help you ensure that your sprinkler heads are properly adjusted and can even help you identify any problems.
  • House Cleaning: In addition, many house cleaning services plumbers use eco-friendly products and methods, which can be a major selling point for health-conscious consumers.

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Pam B - Profile Image
Pam B
14 Sep, 2021
Oneida, New York - 13421

excellent . Sincerely and time. Close the valve installed under the kitchen washbasin

AJAY D - Profile Image
07 Oct, 2021
Santa Claus, Indiana - 47579

Danny has come for some time in recent years. Everything, from a new warm water heater, supported drainage and an unpleasant smell. Always satisfied 100 % of your business and cost. A couple of banks was supported.

joanne D - Profile Image
joanne D
10 Dec, 2022
Meadville, Pennsylvania - 16335

There was water leakage in our basin on Sunday. Michael (owner) for reform. We thought it was a great leakage because the water came out on the floor of solid wood. A simple solution ended: The tube was loose. Companies do not even arrive on weekends, they are really estimated to dedicate. You will definitely use it again. The fixed water tube, remove the screw from removing the waste.

Treena W - Profile Image
Treena W
16 Jun, 2024
Skagway, Alaska - 99840

It was clear that Brandon had taken many projects. We were not on our site for more than one day at the same time. You have early luggage close, but my first problem was when the Dashin was thick in the bathroom with my head. I clearly indicated where I wanted shower heads (the front wall and the side wall), but put them on the front wall. They were not enough. I didnt think it was a big thing, people make mistakes, so I asked him to fix it. I received a position on him, I did not find a very professional. He said that by setting stability on the second wall, the water would be the reason for getting out of the bathroom (it was difficult, nor, it will not happen), and he said that it was more than the "standard" 6 (My wife and I am very long). Please, I asked him to change it, it was not what I said. It took a few weeks, but he returned and fixed it. At some point of the project, I was working, I was working. Kitchen plumbing, most likely, accidentally broke the drain tube. It is not a big problem, because this drainage tube has not been used. However, the problem was that my home was old and had no tendency from the current drainage tube, and now my clothes washing machine returned due to the opening in this tube and the basement was flooded. Due to the new construction in this part, we feel for weeks that the water will come somewhere when it rains. Finally, we got to know whether the real problem is: we used to extend the dirty washing machines in the basement. I asked my GC that when he took care of H, he appeared, because he was in us to work in the bathroom. I can do a week or two without a washing machine. You should also add, our cooking plans have shown sink again. I left for a week for a week and published my plans in the kitchen. The plumbing should have been performed for the second basin at the same time, washing the plumbing dishes and main banks. has not been. I am not sure that it was his mistake or my GC, but it didnt happen. During all this, I asked for several times to install the water antiseptic. We have recently received a new washing machine, dryer, and our water is very difficult, and we insisted on the importance of the belief that the water antiseptic was later installed as soon as possible. Two weeks later, it still did not come, but our old electric water heater is dead. We were installing a new gas, so I asked to return and take care of it. He came again after three days for one day. They installed a water heater, ran some time lines, did not pick up the open drainage tube and left. And he went. I did not listen to it, and I did not fix the soft water, and my drainage did not fit ... again, it was here for one day and then disappeared. Again, they spend a few weeks. I do all of this in the end to reduce the number of these people from here to reduce a final, until I work before leaving the floors in my new bath before leaving, I work so that I can create a toilet. I think it is during the weekend. Now my wife is 7 months pregnant. She wakes three times a night to use the bathroom and has to sail during the stairs trip. She does not sleep well. The importance of these things this week confirmed, "one day and outside", I no longer fly, with the exception of goods, incomplete businesses. GC sent a text message to Brandon on Monday ... Thursday night, and she will finally tell us that she will come here next Tuesday. Therefore, I invite Brandon and ask about what is happening. Brandon begins to give me a story that deserves Oscar. He told me that he kept concrete, and works every Saturday of January. He told me that he has an old woman who is younger, whether it is some bathrooms or the installed water heater without making plumbing for two weeks ... and so on. I explain about our situation and I think you did not notice our project, which is looking at the amount we pay. Finally, after expressing his disappointment towards Brandon, I say: "I need you here on Tuesday. I said you will be here, I can trust you on Tuesday, right?" His answer: "Well, with my luck, my truck will break or my son is broadcast in the hospital!" You do not need to enhance confidence. I was expecting more "I will be there, **** or I will become high and we will do it ..." No. Despite all our problems, I am still ready to give this man the opportunity to benefit on Tuesday. But it is clear that his feelings were so wounded that he decided that he would not complete the rest of our project ... It is clear that I am happy. It should have been eliminated a long time ago. I would like to say what he did (when he heard what he wanted), it looked well. But it is clear that they took many projects and overwhelmed. If you cannot do our project, you must separate it or tell me or GC have programming problems. It was slow, without answering, and when I indicated mistakes and asked them to decide, he put excuses and was not a professional. I hate to leave a bad criticism of a person, but working with Brandon was a terrible experience. If you have a small project, it is possible that it will work for you, but if you expect you to stay in a row for several days to get a big project, I am very careful when contracting, then you will stay We use RBC plumbing. They tied us with the sewers in the city.

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