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We do not want the best, but nothing for our homes, and when it comes to construction services, we seek quality, reliability, profitability and safety. Stofan Construction LLC provides all this for our valuable customers. In , at Stofan Construction LLC, we were excellent in building services for years. Our experience in the construction sector is varied, for installation and tests, we guarantee high -quality services.

Why do we do?

well because we specialize in installation, replacement and repair services. We offer better customer service.

We offer:

High quality professional installation/p>

Excellent reference

We proudly expand our services sector in Pennsylvania and New Jersey,

To obtain an estimate request, please https: // Come.

PA: (215) 269-6805

There is no fee: 1-800-406-9716

Area of expertise: hvac repair service, furnace repair service, boiler repair and installation services and more.

  1. HVAC Repair Plumber
  2. Furnace Repair Plumber
  3. Boiler Repair Plumber

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Stofan Construction LLC's Plumbing Services

  • HVAC Repair: Hire HVAC repair services experts to service your unit regularly. They can perform a tune-up to ensure everything is running smoothly and can spot any potential problems.
  • Furnace Repair: Furnace failures often occur during the coldest winter months? That's why it's important to have a furnace repair services experts to call on when you need help.
  • Boiler Repair and Installation: At DataXiVi - We have professional boiler repair and installation contractors, they provides high-quality services for your boiler & other plumbing systems.

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Address Ketchikan, AK - 99901, United States
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Alexa B - Profile Image
Alexa B
21 Oct, 2022
Eufaula, Alabama - 36027

He worked well and ideal. It is suitable. He has a humorous sense. They fixed the pipes that leaked.

tar S - Profile Image
tar S
29 Sep, 2022
Laguna Beach, California - 92651

scary. He was not a professional due to a lack of cooperation or the desire to speak with other merchants, who need to coordinate a new bathroom wall surrounding the ventilation line. We started working at the end of April and revealed that the permits were not drawn when the concrete gap was placed in the raw line. Leave this behind because we had no way to move forward with another job until the plumbing was examined and completed. It took several months to get information available in all tasks to break the situation and start the situation without starting the situation, but Richard went to this point and helped to fix the situation or to discuss the boycott and was not presented to the discussion with the boycott to perform the boycott. The aspect of the quality of work. Finally, I pressed the permission and reached the chief inspector, who agreed to help me identify the following steps and how to correct the six elements that failed to inspect. Richard agreed to come and complete Monday 02/28/2015, but he never appeared. I left many messages (voice mail and email), which was trying to confirm this when I came to repair the work, but I didnt want. Then I arrived at the inspector (several times) (several times) to ask for guidance about the closure of the project and forced me to rent a new plumber at this time to fix Richards work. He went, unless he was able to examine it, which made us spend several thousand dollars. When he read me tonight, he became hostile and said that I hadnt contacted him for four months, although I have records for all calls and email messages without a response during this time. Never use this plumber, which is a lack of professional communication and child. Richard installed roughness in the plumbing hole, supply lines for the bathtub, cervical basin, gas line and water heater without a tank, transporting drain lines and providing the machine and dried gas line. The plumbing (6 failures to examine the rough level) did not inspect and refused to show 7/27 when he promised to complete the work. After that, he refused to make any call or reply to the email and asked him to correct the work, left the throat, fix failure and complete another plumbing to complete the work.

Ken M - Profile Image
Ken M
03 Nov, 2021
Yellow Springs, Ohio - 45387

Nick was at the time and was very modest. Soon the work was completed and it was a fair price. I called the previous day, and they arrived the next day when they said they would do. We have set an appointment to check our waste from waste. Replace the exclusion with the new and try to make sure it works properly.

Ann T - Profile Image
Ann T
07 Nov, 2021
Rapid City, South Dakota - 57701

We love him, every time we face plumbing problems, we return them. It is always fast and his work is good. I sent her to my mother -Right and her sister -in a solution. We sent him to family members because we trust him while he was doing a good job. The water heater, the installation of the home, the fixed touch and the whole tubes

Tim K - Profile Image
Tim K
02 Jun, 2022
Bakersfield, California - 93301

Two young men went to the house, bombed and installed a new look with the tubes. They had to do this on the ground depending on the appearance and replacing dirt with peas, which was appropriate. We did not do this with the first side. They were inside and outside an hour and explained the operation and paid $ 200. We used to live with this old look for approximately 6 years. I wish I had done this soon. I arrived at my house and changed the appearance of free water in my dogs courtyard.

Annette S - Profile Image
Annette S
26 Sep, 2021
Dedham, Massachusetts - 02026

He did a clear job unlike others. Its quality is excellent. Cover discharge and water tubes from the unused bath (toilet, shower and sink)

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