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Area of expertise: trenchless sewer repair service, video camera inspection service, septic system repair services and more.

  1. Sewer-line Sewer Plumber
  2. Video Camera Plumber
  3. Septic System Plumber

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  • Trenchless Sewer Repair: Trenchless sewer repair services is a less invasive and more effective solution, whether you are dealing with a root invasion or any plumbing issues.
  • Video Camera Inspection: You need a professional video camera inspection that will readily meet your needs. Our experts are always on call, You can rely on us for plumbing services.
  • Septic System Repair: Septic system problems can be a very serious concern, not only because they cost a lot of money but also because they are hard to detect until the problem has grown too large.

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D M - Profile Image
17 Oct, 2021
Auburn, Maine - 4210

It was very professional. Quality if your work is very good. It is very good in what you do. Its prices are competitive. I have been used several times. They were here to fix the plumbing a month ago. They paid me $ 75 for one trip.

Frank D - Profile Image
Frank D
20 Jul, 2022
Hackensack, New Jersey - 7601

We organized the heating (PPAND H) to install a water heater without a tank in the fall of 2012. Unfortunately, it was occupied and available as soon as possible at the end of October and arrived early in the winter. My suggestion was that we were waiting for the spring because the ceiling was snowy and it would be dangerous to work. We resolve the installation on May 15. The weather was good so that they could install that day. They arrived a few hours after the planned greetings, but they completed the work in a very short time of my expectations. I remember that it started around 11 am and ended around 3:30, removed the old tank and put it on the tank. They were unable to keep ventilation outside the edge of the house, because they are usually done with them, so one must come out with a ceiling that appears as a personal glow. In this way, ventilate the gas tank heater. The installation was carried out professionally: the workers were very good. In general and quot; And quot; I am PPAND H and Quot; The bands share of the ban, when we used to fight to clean the room and the house after the children went to school, waited around 9 am. We can take our time. The price was slightly higher than reminding me as an estimate in the fall. They needed to carry out a large gas line to provide a water heater, so this may have been the difference: I just want to know that the bill was very mysterious. However, I am very happy with the system and feel the price is suitable. I know that other people had put it (alongside other suppliers) and the price was about 3000 dollars. We had to get out of the ceiling and need a special gas line, so I think the additional cost justifies. Install heating water heater without a tank.

Mike H - Profile Image
Mike H
19 Sep, 2021
Clinton, Oklahoma - 73601

They were professional and you will use them. They left during the time to work for me.

Kathy E - Profile Image
Kathy E
14 Sep, 2021
Palatine, Illinois - 60074

excellent service! A fixed leakage tube in the basement and the bathroom

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