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Area of expertise: shower valve replacement and installation service, swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service, swimming pool inspection services and more.

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  3. Swimming Pool Plumber

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Wise Plumbing Llc's Plumbing Services

  • Shower Valve Replacement and Installation: We are a team of shower valve replacement and installation services experts in the industry for a long time. They will know the correct way to install the valves.
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance: Finding a local pool repairing plumbers near me? However, you're spoilt for choice with the various pool services in the country, regardless of where you are.
  • Swimming Pool Inspection: Taking advantage of a swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and inspection services plumber can save you time, money, and energy in the long run.

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Address Easton, PA - 18042, United States
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Email Address wiseplumbingllc@dataxivi.com

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(Overall 4.7 Out of 5)
Francis F - Profile Image
Francis F
15 Feb, 2022
Montpelier, Vermont - 5602

I had to call Sunday night because the sanitation returned home. Initially, someone decided to come the next day, but the scene found someone doing another in the area and fixing that night. 30 minutes after my initial call, Eddie was in my house. It was incredibly friendly and conscious during work, explaining everything, as he was working, so we knew what he was doing, how our system was working, etc. He faced many problems while doing this job. Bush, bolts that were broken with other kidnapping coverage) but did not complain. He came to evacuate our poisoning specialists, but he also reviewed the flow of the house and cleaned an obstacle, and examined the flow in our drain area. Despite additional problems and problems at work, he did not try to collect more than he was martyred. He also did not promote unnecessary services that many other companies. In general, he did a great job trusted in the future CulpePper in our maintenance from tanks. Sewage

Jason S - Profile Image
Jason S
10 Dec, 2021
Maryville, Missouri - 64468

Clean two banks, expected to replace the pipes

Jean C - Profile Image
Jean C
07 Apr, 2022
Aurora, Illinois - 60506

One of the children was clouded under the bathroom and was the cause of the interruptions. The spoon has been removed and the toilet is resolved The toilet has been filled and will not be rinsed

Ellen C - Profile Image
Ellen C
10 Jun, 2022
Naples, Florida - 34102

I set an appointment for someone to leave and check the plumbing status in the old Duplex that I bought. On the phone, the woman said it would be $ 65, but when this technology came out, it became $ 188. He said it is a "mental package." The only problem is that he was not subjected to this house as if we asked ourselves or answering any questions. He originally turned the house for 10 minutes and did not see what we requested. Therefore, we ask them what they believe that the stadium price is to update in some water lines and say "about 6500 dollars" and will be sent to us to a price. So we are 4 days of appointment without quoting, so I must contact the verification, and I had another child telling me that he could only give me an estimated offer because I had some measures, there is no many information. It is strange because I paid $ 188 to measure technology and we can find a detailed price. Everything to overcome this oral appointment of $ 6,500 has become $ 45,000, which he said was at a lower end. All this and all this was the worst experience that you went through with a contractor and deal with many different companies to be in real estate. She asked them to return their money, but they never warned when using this company. They were surprised by their knowledge and the lack of customer service that they had such good reviews, but it is clear that it is clear. I finished using Tizette and my experience was much better and they did not receive only $ 49 and they fully examined. The toilet (4) installed, full water filtering, installed dishwasher, touch, sink

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