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About Workshop Design + Architecture

Workshop Design + Architecture is a complete service structure and an interior design committed to Excellence Design: We build buildings and environments with a feeling of time, location and purpose. Workshop is a boutique study that provides more than a decade of experience to plan and design commercial, residential and hospitality buildings in New York.

The workshop covers the challenges that come with each project and use it as a way to develop a suitable solution specifically. We believe that the changing power of the design and its ability to reveal new ways to see the world around our environment.
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Area of expertise: general plumbing service, drywall contractors service, sink installation and replacement services and more.

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  3. Sink Installation Plumber

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Workshop Design + Architecture's Plumbing Services

  • General Plumbing: General plumbing contractors can help you deal with all aspects of your sewer and drainage systems. Also help with install, repair, and replace pipes, pumps, and other equipments.
  • Drywall Contractors: When you hire us as your local drywall repair services plumber near me in United States, you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time.
  • Sink Installation and Replacement: At DataXiVi, We provides high-quality services for bathtub and bathroom sink installation and replacement. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

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(Overall 4.2 Out of 5)
Christine M - Profile Image
Christine M
12 Mar, 2022
Lynn, Massachusetts - 1902

We are ok. It was professional. I fixed the sink.

Anne C - Profile Image
Anne C
08 Sep, 2021
John Day, Oregon - 97845

Reform the beginning of the stove

rob C - Profile Image
rob C
08 Oct, 2022
Corona, California - 92879

We have used the services of two beating. First, two years ago we had a sewage leak. When the originator fills the front courtyard, large rocks were pushed on the sewage line, where he enters the house while sorry for the tube. (I still do not understand that the person who was associated with it, did not see it, or why it ignored it. These were huge rocks, it could not be easily seen!) It was Easter, and we used to see it here for all our children and grandchildren. Del managed to get a background, dig the entire area, implement a new tube at home and stamp the area on the basement. That was expensive, but I dont even want to think about what someone else would have been on vacation. When all banks were examined, we asked him if he could prevent the toilet from walking on the basement at some point. It was fixed without any price. The second time we called Del, it was a "vobale" bath. Big builder/other contractor. They removed the toilet and discovered that the way it was installed, there was no way that they could contact. They fixed and stamped the toilet to prevent him from going to the tile floor (which has never been done). Then he examined other bathrooms to make sure they are installed properly. We replace it with standard toilet with a chair. They did so quickly and used the upper material. When we used to keep it in Mercyd, we asked whether he could root a touch again so that the mirror of the tube became easier. He returned and completed it the next day, and even if he had spent more than he thought, he was standing beside his original appreciation. He assured us to tell us that all his work guarantees for one year, and if we face any problem, then call. 3/14: He did a great job. He has always left the clean work site because he found it. They bought a water heater locally, very honest on quality and price. It seems that it costs more and more than employment costs, although it gave us the total price before doing the work we agreed upon. Fix the sewage line at home, fix the toilet supplement on the ground, install new bathrooms, and move the water tap out to be easier. 3/14: Change the water heater

Richard S - Profile Image
Richard S
09 Jun, 2022
Hyannis, Massachusetts - 02601

Break the contractor is a tube in my tracking space, B&G can reach here about 30 minutes and can fix the tube very quickly. It is very sensitive and very professional. This is the second plumbing emergency with them, and I would like to advise them anyway. Talk to the owner, the owner, although my hot water heater turns off the gas over the phone and checks that it closed the mail water properly. They are actually a professional organization. They also send restoration equipment to eliminate water damage. It is advised very hard !!! Replace the wastewater injection pump.

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