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About 1st Choice Plumbing LLC

The first plumbing option serves residents and companies in LLC Rock Hill. The company s professional customers specialize in changing and installing a water heater without a gas tank who want to replace their current heater with more qualified and durable models.

They can also fix the trenches without trenches to keep the property berth and landscape accessories. First PlumBing LLC option also runs the floating line and wires required for job wells that work as water sources for water and offices.

Area of expertise: sink repair service, shower repair service, pelican installation & repair service, sprinkler repair services and more.

  1. Sink Repair Plumber
  2. Shower Repair Plumber
  3. Pelican Installation Plumber
  4. Sprinkler Repair Plumber

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1st Choice Plumbing LLC's Plumbing Services

  • Sink Repair: We have professional sink repair service providers based in the United States. They specialize in repairing sinks & waste lines and offering restoration services.
  • Shower Repair: We at DataXiVi, Regarding shower repair services involves the installation, removal and replacement, you can count on us to take care of your plumbing needs.
  • Pelican Installation & Repair: You need to hire Pelican repair expert from DataXiVi. There are many reasons to contact a Pelican Installation expert in USA for their services.
  • Sprinkler Repair: Hiring a professional sprinkler repair plumber can help you ensure that your sprinkler heads are properly adjusted and can even help you identify any problems.

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Address La Habra, CA - 90631, United States
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Email Address 1stchoiceplumbingllc@dataxivi.com
Website https://www.1st-choiceplumbing.net/

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(Overall 4.6 Out of 5)
Richard B - Profile Image
Richard B
24 Sep, 2021
Santa Clara, California - 94022

excellent. Access on time. Polite. I actually knew what the problem is and solve it quickly. Very appropriate accusations. Bathroom shower valve.

John J - Profile Image
John J
01 Apr, 2022
Wahiawa, Hawaii - 96786

Member Comment: You asked me about 3 appointments and I finished going with fast plumbing. I am happy to do so. The project was somewhat unknown, but John and the team did an excellent arrogant work to know the current parts of the tubes that deserve to be savings or not; It was great to inform me of what was involved in the project or what was costly all the way. Excellent communication skills. Excellent high -quality people from the main office, to management on the site, to the team to work. Very good knowledge. It is advised very much. He will be very happy with the result of his project. , John, Olaya Work Description: During the past fifteen years, the main sewage line full of street should be cleaned every 12 months. In the end, things get worse and someone needs to understand what the situation is. The house was formed at a distance of 150 feet from the road and there was an alternative to the sewage tank 25 years ago. The 65 -year -old original home had an orange tube that failed in many places, and at the time of sewage replacement, the 30 -year -old ABS tube was defective, which caused years ago ... The project included the location of the sewage line 150 feet .

Sandi P - Profile Image
Sandi P
30 Jan, 2022
Mundelein, Illinois - 60060

bad We have worked in our oven ... that they have created ... several times in the past three years. When we left our furnace in a row, we called them and blew up. We use our oven to heat our house! When they came to work in air conditioning in the summer, I noticed that our toolbox, which was sitting near the oven, was open and that many of my wives were missing. I really created it "created" last time. I put my old fathers tool box next to the oven and go to bed. I discovered that he opened after leaving the soldier. It goes without saying that we did not contact them again. Our oven never did the right thing until we invite anyone else. We knew that they replaced the basic parts with other dirty pieces used, but they accused us of being new. A group of criminals!

George D - Profile Image
George D
28 Nov, 2021
Dartmouth, Massachusetts - 02747

We have seen a leakage in our water heater and also called Chris to URBAN (and with other sellers). After describing the problem and proving that we need an immediate repair, he made Chris maneuvering the program to accommodate us. He worked quickly and answered all our questions, and included some other leading areas. Very modest and useful. We will definitely call it in the future. In addition, its price was very competitive. Working with him was a positive experience for us. Water heater with changing leaks

Pat N - Profile Image
Pat N
09 Jun, 2021
Lexington, Missouri - 64067

Very professional. The right price. Pigeons repair.

Marcia A - Profile Image
Marcia A
09 Dec, 2021
Hilo, Hawaii - 96720

He was disappointed that the supplier did not respond to the phone and said in his voice email message that he usually occupies a month, and if you send him a text message, he can recover first. I think a voice message is not professional, as it shows that it is very busy calling for a month, but I know that going with a different company. You need a valve stem to shower. The sound mail says that it is generally busy for a month, so it was not logical to go out with other people this week.

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