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About Absolute Plumbing And Rooting, Inc.

The ink of plumbing and absolute plumbing is a family company and its operation that performs repair and replacement in homes and companies in the capital sector for a period of twelve years in Oxonard. The company runs a wide range of plumbing problems related to water and gas leaks.

It provides the discovery of an electronic leakage with full services suddenly. Install the water heater without a tank. Services are also available to clean drains and sewage lines, such as hydrojector, camera examination and replacement of the sewage line. License #997979.

Area of expertise: plumbing contractor service, partition installation service, house cleaning service, emergency plumbers services and more.

  1. Service Contractor Plumber
  2. Partition Installation Plumber
  3. House Cleaning Plumber
  4. Emergency Service Plumber

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Absolute Plumbing And Rooting, Inc.'s Plumbing Services

  • Plumbing Contractor: Finding the best plumbing contractor in the USA can be some work, but it's quite a breeze with a proper strategy. Such plumbers understand their job better!
  • Partition Installation: We at DataXiVi understand that partitions installation in office, home or some where else is not a small task, and we will treat it with the seriousness it deserves.
  • House Cleaning: In addition, many house cleaning services plumbers use eco-friendly products and methods, which can be a major selling point for health-conscious consumers.
  • Emergency Plumbers: Our emergency plumbing services are critical for any household because, without them, you might end up with disasters like flooded basements, broken pipes, or burst sewers.

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Address Auburn, WA - 98002, United States
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Email Address absoluteplumbingandrooting,inc.@dataxivi.com
Website https://absoluteplumbingandrootinginc.com/

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Leonard P - Profile Image
Leonard P
11 Apr, 2022
Rancho Cucamonga, California - 91730

BMG is required to replace the water heater with leaks. The same day is completed by the plumber. The work was excellent. On 7/5/2018, BMG was called, the person who called the phone to the survey was called and send an email by Challen because I was doing my tax and the original Challen was made incorrectly while going to another house. Unlike the equipment repair company, which I used, I received a copy of the invoice, which sent me an email in 15 minutes after the call, I waited for 3 days without receiving a copy of Challen, I read the person to the person who was that, which was the one who responded to the phone that his response was It will be reflected in my evaluation. "Poof", immediately received a copy of the hand -written challan through the text. It is clear that this company lives in the dark ages that cannot copy and survey the Callan or Qallan computerized. The text message that contains the person on the phone falls from there, which calls me ExxHole and Dingus (which means). As I see, he is completely unprofessional, the former owner of three different companies. I will not rent this company for many sides, but you make your decision. The water heater has been removed and replaced by the new self.

Ned M - Profile Image
Ned M
03 Nov, 2021
Dahlonega, Georgia - 30533

Easy warm water should have been replaced, but sales and problems have become fixed. When finding problems, I felt they had no problems. The problems were still searching, after some investigations at a later time, we are not. My family did not have hot water, because he felt impotence. What is believed to be $ 750. Transforming $ 1,200. Go to another place !!!!! Replace hot water

Mitchell J - Profile Image
Mitchell J
13 Oct, 2021
East Saint Louis, Illinois - 62201

All this walked well and as part of the treatment, use a new toilet for me and install it without any additional rate. Install the pillow valves and install the bathrooms. The rear flow valve in the sewage in the basement.

Dana M - Profile Image
Dana M
03 Nov, 2023
Hagerstown, Maryland - 21740

I did a lot of things at the end of 2018: replacing the basement from the basement basin, the main water line for the ball valve and replacing the outdoor tap: I found a free estimate and found 3 of 4 things that I could bear. Very friendly and on time: their prices were compatible with the other three estimates that I got and went with BC from his review and reputation. We currently had a leak. The next day they came to repair the tap of the bathtub. This requires reconstruction. The work was carried out properly and before the cost over the phone, and indicated my interest in the height of $ 400 of the price. This included clinical rates and "access to the home". I called with a follow -up to a collapse and tell me that they have a structure of fixed and understanding prices, and what they do not work in and the advertisement is $ 4000 per month. I felt they were a small family company, it is clear that if the advertisement was not. I am trying to be in my reviews only, and if it is a shock, I give it F. But they are not F. It is originally like car repair cars. You have a job and has a global fixed value, whether it takes one or 5 an hour. It seems, if that is a short time, it benefits them, it benefits the consumer for a longer period, so there is a danger to both sides, but it is according to the price, it is an agreement. However, the mile of the house comes from things like rebuilding my tap. It is a work from 30 to 60 minutes and the part is about $ 100. To return 35 dollars in addition to $ 100, the diagnostic rate = only $ 135 to enter and tell us about the problem, which was not a complex problem. This is the tap. They called me and said that the work is $ 400. So here is the tendency, I knew it was more, but I must keep $ 135 and work less than $ 265 to save another person. (I think the work is 100 dollars more than one hour of work that has the end of the top of $ 100, so about 200 dollars ... Fixed time it takes longer, they do not feel that I will not believe this system, and for this reason I am a family mechanic I go to and get the collapse of my services, my parts, work and work, so I know that what I pay and this is the full publication. I will not use it again, although their service, skills or Their skills, skills, or skills are not consistent with price preparation methods, especially $ 400 in a $ 200 business. It is exploiting, exploiting and exploiting them. Entado rate. Hanafi rebuilding

Edwin J - Profile Image
Edwin J
09 Apr, 2023
Concord, Massachusetts - 94520

On 6/6/11, water leaks were seen outside the home. The accumulated water in the Betav flower. House and grass. The request was set with the home guarantee company and the work was set for the plumbing. That afternoon, the worker dug almost the place. 2 1 in size. He said the main copper tube leaked in Betav. House and meters (39 long). They called us the following: (1) Our house is not covered with a guarantee, (2) There is no way to explain where the leakage was, (3) plants, cement and grass can be dug, (4) (4) (4) last time it was in it Someone is close to this work, which included the dug for approximately a meter and cost $ 800-900. My wife estimated the amount they told us on the basis of this type of work, when she spends a wide job. On 9/11/11, workers explained that the real problem included two pieces of PVC that were already close to the About area that did not remain together. They agreed when my wife said, "We fired a bullet" because the problem was less dangerous than the idea. He left the workers to get the pieces and then completed the work that was in the middle for another work in the area. Workers paid more than $ 800. We complain about the cost. Although he was in appreciation, the estimate was dependent on the need to do more comprehensive work. No plant, herb or cement was affected. There were 3 phone calls that day, as the contractor was insulting and insulting. He threatened to dig and prosecute the limbs. I was still boycotting us, but I told my wife that she was insulting. Then it was said that the North may Knwon to be humiliating (we are from New York). The value was at $ 800 and then $ 700. He was asked how he reached the number and what is the rate of cutting and watches. He said that the cost of $ 250 per hour per worker for two and a half hours (about $ 1,250). On 9/11/11, the contractor called my wife with $ 650. I told the contractor that we are going to file a complaint to the best commercial office. We offered the liquidation of $ 600, and if we are accepted, we will not move to the complaint. He was angry, and he refused to move with the price and said that there is nothing we were talking about because we were not in Mexico! Then they told me that the price has now rose 900 dollars. I told him that we will complain with the best commercial office. The contractor came to evaluate the water leak house. The accumulated water in the Betav flower. House and grass. On the other side of this grass is the concrete road, which leads to the main door of the house of the entrance path, then in the rest of the grass. The land was saturated and clay. The contractor is almost digging a hole. In size 2 x 1. They told us that there is a nomination somewhere in the main copper between the house and the scale (39 long). CContractor told us that the last time someone did this task, and included drilling on a meter (grass, cement, etc.) and cost about $ 800-900. We agreed to guess the amount based on a work that requires a comprehensive work. The next day, workers discovered the real problem. :: About 2 pieces of PVC from the already engraved area that did not join. I do not understand that the contractor who evaluated the situation did not see this. Non -workers parties on that day.

Loretta B - Profile Image
Loretta B
05 Dec, 2021
Andersonville, Georgia - 31711

Nice. Chris was a professional ban in time. I was very careful not to dismantle. He explained what he was doing and discovered a strange problem, he said he had not faced before. He even called the Creator of a part that was broken and sent a free alternative. Beyond that, I thought! They have experience with old homes (I am 110 years old). Very eligible and the pharmacist of trade. Create a closed toilet and replace the inner mechanism; Why my cold water taps were also discovered sending hot water and solving this problem.

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