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Plumbing is located in California, where Anthony provides leading services and solutions to the local population in Real and Los Angeles for 20 years. There is a team of Ploms specializing in housing in companies and companies run by this family.

Its services include sanitation, electronic leakage detection, installation and repair of a water heater, repair and replacement of waste, water waves and copper waves. In addition, the company provides emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The plumbing in Anthony are members of two -language staff, and they can help Spanish customers.

Area of expertise: shower valve replacement and installation service, chimney repair service, hot tub and spa repair service, sink installation services and more.

  1. Shower Valve Plumber
  2. Chimney Repair Plumber
  3. Hot Tub Plumber
  4. Sink Installation Plumber

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Anthonys Plumbing's Plumbing Services

  • Shower Valve Replacement and Installation: We are a team of shower valve replacement and installation services experts in the industry for a long time. They will know the correct way to install the valves.
  • Chimney Repair: DataXiVi's chimney repair plumbers offer numerous services. Be that as it may, you need a professional to perform annual chimney cleaning and inspection.
  • Hot Tub and Spa Repair: Do you need a experienced plumber for your Hot-tub or SPA? There are professional hot tub and spa repair services available to help you get your spa back up and running.
  • Sink Installation: We believe that everyone should have access to quality sink installation services, so we offer our services at a best price that is fair and reasonable.

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Address Cuyahoga Falls, OH - 44221, United States
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(Overall 4.8 Out of 5)
George M - Profile Image
George M
05 May, 2022
Burbank, California - 91502

Replace the entire household valve, install new banks from the bathtub, tap, shower heads, and 3 new walls in the bathroom 1/2. ,, Very professional work and quality. This is the second time you used it.

Diane W - Profile Image
Diane W
24 Sep, 2022
Newark, Delaware - 19702

It was worth the character over the phone. He came and reviewed the work to do and determine that a part must be requested. In addition to waiting for the part, it was fast and effective. When I told him that when I changed the bathroom valve, he was asking to change the direction he set there. It was very good to work and it was very good. They did not try to sell articles or services to me. It was fast and clean. He did not give up a major disorder. It has just come and do the job I need. He corrected it for the first time. Nothing leaked, and I think it was the best plumbing experience I did! To work, I think it was very appropriate. I am very happy in your work. I intend to use it again when necessary. You need a neglected garbage in my kitchen and fix the plumbing in my room. I was replaced by a shower valve in the living room bathroom and a new basin. I was going to do, but when I realized that the sink was never with a cut water valve in the bathroom, I decided that I needed a professional there.

Lynne D - Profile Image
Lynne D
02 Mar, 2022
Greenfield, Indiana - 46140

A house ascended further, it was expected to discover the reason not to make the touch function Fix a touch of a touch of a touch in erythema.

Nereida A - Profile Image
Nereida A
21 Oct, 2021
Calhoun, Georgia - 30701

It was great that they were available to set the same day. good job! The shower will not be closed. Have you tried to change the cartridges and fresh joints? But the problem was not solved either. S knows immediately if it is replaced and the problem is solved.

John  P - Profile Image
John P
09 Sep, 2021
Covington, Kentucky - 41011

Excellent work. Saniflo air conditioning repair repair

Lewis S - Profile Image
Lewis S
01 Jan, 2022
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 55101

This company will not use again. Instead of my work, 925 dollars were paid to create a subsequent pressure reduction valve and failed in the first examination of the city. When I called him, they asked me to contact another person. They told me that his guarantee was overcome, and he settled 18 months ago. It should last for years. The owner was not interested in talking to me that the problem is to check what the problem is. I took from the receptionist. My commercial neighbors who used another person with problems. I think I should know better because the presentation card has a picture of a man with his head in the toilet. It is clear about this plumber. Subsequent pressure

JASON S - Profile Image
03 Aug, 2023
Rhinelander, Wisconsin - 54501

Our initial contact with Plumbing Reedy was in December 2015 when Reedy Plumbing responded to the requirements of our emergency emergency situations in our main water line. At that time, we heard about the annual maintenance contract/ready -made plumbing service and asked about it. In REROUTE, Brian Paskirrt/technical managers said that our house had just been rebuilt (kitchen, bar area, main bathroom and guest bathroom) and we advised that we can obtain annual maintenance service contracts, this will not happen in light of the recent update of the home modernization. Looking at the modernity of our basic plumbing system, it is useful to us. Based on the sincerity of Sri Skart, we decided that when the time passed, we were communicating with the plumbing ready. The disaster occurred in May 2021 when the water pressure in the water line in our house decreased and the water line/water line was dramatically. After excellent help from HillsBorough Water Utility, our problem was and we decided to call Ready Plumbing not only to solve the water pressure problem but also to stimulate the annual maintenance contract contract. May 19, 2021, SRi Clint Packet performs an intense plumbing examination of our entire home and activates maintenance/service contracts. On June 7, 2021, Clint Paskirrt came from the ready race with two Spac Jasson and Andrew trainee, Helsburo came to our house to check the problem with Mr. Tom Jackson of water benefit. The results of the work covered under the employment/maintenance service contract, including solving the water pressure problem and repairing the eight improvement areas, but the pieces were performed at a low cost, but also in Fontania the main code album was determined. Grant a detailed appreciation of work and the cost of repairing the kitchen washbasin and the code album, which we wanted to sell our house, was its solution. During this work, he goes to the organization, and the ethics of work and communication with the team were observed, and it was great. At the same time, all work areas were preserved and then left clean or more cleaner than before work began. We have accepted the appreciation of the UFF of Code, and on June 22, 2021, SRI Clint Passkert arrived and trained to deal with Andrew Code-Uanghan and others we ask to treat it. Since the tanks were installed recently in 2015, the high GAS tanks were SRi Packet, which had to pass from the back of the cabinet, you find the slide on a concrete wall, the tube section that was high technically, caused the code. There were violations, they canceled this section and then installed the appropriate exception so that the exchange was reached to the current code requirements. Total success was achieved, and the "relapse" in the cabinet showed the minimum loss of minimum invisible cabinets and drawing/paint in the opposite direction is somehow, size or troubled in the model was not. Throughout the process, the work was slow and cautious against helping Andrew the trainee no one not doing (remember that no one, because the fee made shows how the tube was happening ...); Although it was far from the life experience of the SRI package in this line of work and the concrete wall was little in the removal and the problem was solved and then the trainee Andrew fulfilled two additional requests for the plumbing that we created and as before, he left the work areas clean or very clean when they started. It is very simple, the passage of ready -made plumbing and two of Andrew and Jason Bloombing are the definitions of professionals. You are from your experience, the friendly approach to its customers is also great; They feel that this is your property and it is important to make sure that everything is visible and design. While we are the owners of this property, and then, when we leave our children, we will have an annual maintenance contract with the plumbing ready so that if there are problems with the plumbing in the future, we know that they will do this quickly, professional professional, professional professional . Correcting the simple problems present during the total examination and repair in the code code -under the kitchen wash

karen B - Profile Image
karen B
20 Jan, 2022
Westport, Connecticut - 06880

He and his team were to adhere to the appointments, clean and very easy over time. As Really, I recommended to other customers and they are also very satisfied with it. I would like to give you excessive or large jobs! Rebuel our house and work and professional cleaning.

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