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About Claros Home Improvement Contractor

Hi, this is a family work, we start and end every job, without doing that small business is not great for us.

What do we do?






freeemasonry ... (brick ... annihilation, stop and more)

bathroom and kitchen re -view the kitchen

We are a license and a believer. And always try to do what we can do better to meet customer needs. Neet and clean.

Area of expertise: general plumbing service, drywall contractors service, sink installation and replacement services and more.

  1. General Service Plumber
  2. Drywall Contractors Plumber
  3. Sink Installation Plumber

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Claros Home Improvement Contractor's Plumbing Services

  • General Plumbing: General plumbing contractors can help you deal with all aspects of your sewer and drainage systems. Also help with install, repair, and replace pipes, pumps, and other equipments.
  • Drywall Contractors: When you hire us as your local drywall repair services plumber near me in United States, you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time.
  • Sink Installation and Replacement: At DataXiVi, We provides high-quality services for bathtub and bathroom sink installation and replacement. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

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Address Aliquippa, PA - 15001, United States
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(Overall 4.6 Out of 5)
Patricia K - Profile Image
Patricia K
23 Oct, 2021
Laurel, Mississippi - 39440

He did a good job and was the best price. I want to install a new water line from the road to my house. It is a straight line, about 30 feet, from the water clip on the road to the house where the line is connected (before the pressure reduction valve).

Ashley W - Profile Image
Ashley W
18 Sep, 2021
Union City, New Jersey - 7087

Work and low materials used. Loaded, not a professional. Plumbing and ventilation of a fixing dryer.

Valerie K - Profile Image
Valerie K
17 Dec, 2022
Indiana, Pennsylvania - 46072

The show walked very well, he succeeded and loved what they did. My only lottery is the joy of work, that is, it is not cleaned under sewn joints, without fabric falling, etc. I have two places where they worked; New bathrooms and new copper lines for cold water with a bath and new water, new water, the ice factory valve and the football valve/2 inch of Hamin. Install a new pump on the bottom floor.

BRUCE B - Profile Image
21 Dec, 2021
Zion, Illinois - 60099

After contractors contributions to the Grand Square store, I decided to select the special Spaki from the Angis menu to get the third offer. Half the price. Laslo installed the heat pump within a few hours and all this walked very well. It is very clean and professional. This was the second time that I used it. For the first time, the bad work of the plumbing in my new Dashti was to repair the work done by another contractor. I recommended many neighbors. I have been used twice twice recently to replace the waste line in my fathers house and install the heating of the panels in my house.

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