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We have served this field for 45 years. It is not a decision to provide electrical wires to your home or work to a low voltage contractor. Trust Curtis Electric Inc. To evaluate, diagnose and repair all its electrical requirements, provide maintenance for any electrical system, lose and provide documents to ensure your home or business. p> Site our customers

Emergency Services (24-hour Plumbing):

chimney sweep service, roofing service, shower & tub installation services and more.

  1. 24-hour Chimney Sweep Plumber
  2. 24-hour Roofing Plumber
  3. 24-hour Shower & Plumber

Services we offer:

Discover Curtis Electric plumbers' wide-ranging expertise. With skills in:

  • Chimney Sweep: Hire quelified chimney sweep services expert from Curtis Electric. A professional chimney sweep plumber will have the knowledge and experience to clean your chimney quickly and effectively.
  • Roofing: Need to hire a roofer? With the right roofing repair services expert, you don't have to worry about waiting around for someone to come out.
  • Shower & Tub Installation: When it comes to Shower and Tub Installation services, we are your one-stop shop. Our qualified contractors provide quick, affordable Shower repair services.

They equipped to handle all your plumbing needs. From residential to commercial projects, trust Curtis Electric to deliver reliable solutions. Contact today for professional plumbing services you can rely on.

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Connecting with Curtis Electric expert plumbers is quick and easy:

Address Anaconda, MT - 59711, United States
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To get in touch, simply give us a call at given phone number or send an email at provided email address. Our friendly team is ready to answer your questions, provide guidance, and schedule an appointment that fits your convenience. Reach out to us today for reliable plumbing services!

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Curtis Electric's Client Testimonials
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(Overall 4.3 Out of 5)
#1. Terry C
1 year ago
● Caribou, Maine - 04736

I hate to leave bad criticism, but I always read the reviews and find them important, so I want to warn others. First, we had a...

#2. Kara M
2 years ago
● Falmouth, Massachusetts - 02540

From sales to installation, pigeon representatives were auxiliary, honest and professionals. The sales representative was sensitive to meet our needs, our previous research and did not...

#3. Philip H
2 years ago
● Norfolk, Virginia - 23324

It is a very reasonable price and always does its work for the first time. I used it for 10 years and everything is always working...

#4. Debra P
2 years ago
● Knoxville, Tennessee - 37902

I used the feature for a long time, and I am very happy to serve you. The repair call can be determined within a few days....

#5. Judi P
2 years ago
● Union, South Carolina - 29379

Converting gas to gas. Stan arrived at the time specified. He removed the oil tank in the basement and installed a new gas oven. A very...

#6. Ruth M
2 years ago
● Libertyville, Illinois - 60048

Just we had jewels when he arrived on time ... left the kitchen clean and humble. We will use it for the spring bath project! Foolish

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DAVID A Posted on: 10 Jul, 2022
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Monday:09:00 - 16:00
Tuesday:09:00 - 16:00
Wednesday:09:00 - 16:00
Thursday:09:00 - 16:00
Friday:09:00 - 16:00
Saturday:12:00 - 17:00
Sunday:12:00 - 17:00

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Comparison with 3 Best Alternatives

# Plumbing Provider Response Time Pricing Structure Licensed Availability Project Completed Emergency Plumbing
Curtis Electric Approx. 15 min. $49 - $79 / hr 09:00 - 16:00 Approx. 63
#1. FALLS PLUMBING INC Approx. 18 min. $499 - $535 / hr 11:00 - 18:00 81+
#2. DIRT-TEK Approx. 16 min. $149 - $165 / hr 24 hrs. 70+
#3. Lickers N Sniffers Approx. 18 min. $499 - $535 / hr 11:00 - 18:00 69+

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