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We make all kinds of water boilers from water boilers from gas vapor and hot air systems, and I have a long list of customers, which work with a huge SEV program, helped the consumer help the consumer. I would like to know that I can help the person who represents a problem at a rate that we all can bear

Area of expertise: bathroom drain clog service, duct cleaning service, window repair services and more.

  1. Bathroom Drain Plumber
  2. Duct Cleaning Plumber
  3. Window Repair Plumber

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  • Bathroom Drain Clog: A clogged Bathroom Drain can be a real pain, but with bathroom drain clog services near you from dataXiVi plumbers, you can get your drain unclogged quickly.
  • Duct Cleaning: Duct cleaning services is necessary to be done regularly to prevent allergies, asthma attacks, and other health problems. It can also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.
  • Window Repair: Do you need a window repair services plumber? If you have any problems with your windows, don't hesitate to hire window repairing experts from DataXiVi.

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Address Junction City, KS - 66441, United States
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Email Address davidmclayplumbing&heating@dataxivi.com

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(Overall 4.5 Out of 5)
Brian P - Profile Image
Brian P
26 Jul, 2022
Carlsbad, California - 92008

The husband and wife were equipment and soon. Excellent cleaning after completing the work. Very satisfied with work. The toilet repair and support seal.

Joyce L - Profile Image
Joyce L
04 Aug, 2022
Brigham City, Utah - 84302

When he returned to our date, I immediately informed him that Marijuana had not yet arrived (however, the next day), and we must apply with another job. What is the different cost of the Hanafi, so that we can eliminate it to work for this day ($ 80)? And he began doing all other things efficiently. We have also studied an external faucet that did not succeed, and we estimated that the gas line continues to repair, the water line and separate grooms. At the end of the date, I asked if I was going to be ready to return and touch the marijuana filling. Initially he said he was very young to do so only for this price. I asked if I could do this when I was in the area for another job, and what is the cost. He said that if he were in this field, he would have done this at the same price. Here is the place where I describe his responsibility with F. when the marijuana is registered, I left a sound mail message. I didnt hear that. After a few weeks, I left another. Again, no longer. I sent an email and I have not heard. I also called again, this time I also want to help install a new kitchen basin, I expected to restore my call and make both work worth it. He said all this, I will be happy to return to work with him. The insect came to estimate many works: check the closed/short gas line, the washing machine/dried connection at the previous stove site, and setting the gas line for the new location of the stove (before there was a site w/d, and the water was there). His estimation of $ 300 was appropriate and fair, and was modest and professional. However, I will not give me a broken appreciation, so I could not determine the cost of jobs, but since the price was good, I wanted all the work to do all the work.

Mark P - Profile Image
Mark P
25 Sep, 2021
Kahului, Hawaii - 96732

Workers did not use the fabric of fall. He did not explain the options of compensation members. You will not be used again.

Kevin C - Profile Image
Kevin C
04 Oct, 2021
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico - 87901

It took about an hour. The hose of the house is not closed outside or not bothering so that the mryls can be properly connected to avoid use. The toilet was dripping.

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