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We are professionals, clean and at the time. When we get there, we leave a cleaner in your home. We have a common experience for more than 40 years.

I enjoy more people. We know all kinds of people from all areas of life. We really enjoy being in a different place every week. And exercise

Area of expertise: bathroom drain clog service, duct cleaning service, window repair services and more.

  1. Bathroom Drain Plumber
  2. Duct Cleaning Plumber
  3. Window Repair Plumber

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Eastern Interiors LLC's Plumbing Services

  • Bathroom Drain Clog: A clogged Bathroom Drain can be a real pain, but with bathroom drain clog services near you from dataXiVi plumbers, you can get your drain unclogged quickly.
  • Duct Cleaning: Duct cleaning services is necessary to be done regularly to prevent allergies, asthma attacks, and other health problems. It can also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.
  • Window Repair: Do you need a window repair services plumber? If you have any problems with your windows, don't hesitate to hire window repairing experts from DataXiVi.

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Address John Day, OR - 97845, United States
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Email Address easterninteriorsllc@dataxivi.com

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Peter K - Profile Image
Peter K
18 Mar, 2023
Laurel, Maryland - 20707

Our HVACs "repair" is several times for the American Shield. Every time it breaks again. Since they were 38 years old when I am not surprised. The worst problem occurred when Mire technician said that the unit was outside the reform and recommended AHS to honor the units change. After that, the Myer office staff "lost this special report and said that the coach was no longer working there. Despite his ability to provide us with the ticket made by the coach, he could not find his papers and refused to work with our papers. To solve this problem, he received a 6 -week invitation to the Persians alone and from himself to AHS. During this time, we did not have HVAC and we could not move the previous unit until AHS was convinced that he was out of reform and for any reason. We will invite Look and AHS several times a week, and every time they blame each other for not finding the leaves, or will prepare them with some decision that has never happened. Finally, we complained that we could receive another opinion about the unit and stop the reform and heard that he called AHS to inform the unit without success. In all my years, I did not work poor like the mayor and the American shield. We cancel our contract with AHS. Oh, by the way, you cannot really sue a company like AHS because they have arbitration agreements. The Myr Supplier has been sent by the American Home Shield to fix our HVAC training system.

GREGORY & ELEANOR F - Profile Image
12 Sep, 2021
Inglewood, California - 90301

It is good and well. I satisfy my plumbing needs.

Susan F - Profile Image
Susan F
28 Mar, 2022
Lewistown, Montana - 59457

Instead of $ 200, it rose to $ 700. He said he has returned a lot of time since he was clean and that none of it was true. Then I said: "Put a cover and leave it." He said: "Its okay, if you do this, it will cost you $ 500." I said, "Well, just leave it open, I will have to cover my courtyard." He did a dirty job. And he transferred me on the phone, which will be less than $ 200. They leave here and want to solve my backyard. I said, "No, I dont want to commit the backyard. I live here alone and I cannot do that backyard again." There is not much clay, its just, I live here. But this is what I got, just try to keep everything in order. All these questions were in the bill version, "Did you take off your shoes when you entered the house? He did so," and others. He has already responded to everyone, who was about to respond. Of course, dont notice everything until they left. I dont want them here anymore. It was rude. When they gave me, they imposed $ 25 for gas to get out here. What to intimidate? I called the Delta people to clean my sewage tank.

Kimber Lee S - Profile Image
Kimber Lee S
09 Jun, 2022
Marinette, Wisconsin - 54143

Gold properly. I was very happy with the service provided. I know this person from work. He is a plumbing teacher. It also appears to us in other things and advice. I used plumbing. They changed the bathroom.

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