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About Father And Sons Plumbing

The Padre and Son Plumbing is a company for the service and commercial plumbing and commercial plumbing in the Chikgolad area and the upper suburbs. Our success is the result of our staffs commitment, and it is available around the clock throughout the week. We offer a good and guaranteed work for a sincere value when you need it, even on Sunday and holidays! We have more than 20 years of experience to give you the best work for the best value!

All faucets have been fixed
All bathrooms
Create all bathrooms!
All the water heater and boilers filtered on the underground leaks of the fixed slab has been installed
All sewage is cleaned electricly
Gas leakage repair
repair of a spare copy of sewage!

Area of expertise: sink installation service, toilet repair service, dishwasher repair and installation services and more.

  1. Sink Installation Plumber
  2. Toilet Repair Plumber
  3. Dishwasher Repair Plumber

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Father And Sons Plumbing's Plumbing Services

  • Sink Installation: We believe that everyone should have access to quality sink installation services, so we offer our services at a best price that is fair and reasonable.
  • Toilet Repair: If you've noticed a leak coming from your toilet drain or your flapper is not working correctly, then this is an easy toilet repair to handle by our plumbers.
  • Dishwasher Repair and Installation: With DataXiVi services, Our experienced maintenance specialists are always ready to help you with any dishwasher repair and installation in the United States.

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Address Romney, WV - 26757, United States
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Email Address fatherandsonsplumbing@dataxivi.com

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DAVID S - Profile Image
27 Jan, 2022
Newport, Vermont - 5855

Everything agreed with the plan and we were very satisfied with Lewis and his work. Children have been strongly recommended by a friend who used it to reshape the bathroom. We were looking to prepare our kitchen again, called it. Louis was very sensitive and came to see the work the next day. It was very good at the price we appreciate because I do not want any hidden cost. Once the thumb cabinet arrives, we programmed a re -offer to start. Lewis plans to start a job. He worked very well and was cleaned daily, so our house was not completely disaster. He was always very designed and was never called to postpone the work until the project moved quickly. It was good that all work began to coordinate many contractors. We were very happy to work and we will invite Lewis for all future projects.

David B - Profile Image
David B
19 May, 2022
Mandan, North Dakota - 58554

He was stupid, as he was trying to be good and never told me that he was accused of an hour, although I asked several times. They replaced nails 2 and put a roof in an electric port on a large scale, removed the old water heater, and actually cut off that they took it out of the basement. It took four and a half hours and accused $ 578 for the workforce and for great taps and cheap electricity covers that added it to $ 72 or anything close. It is greed. When I politely told him that I was shocking and I thought I had to tell me before his cost, I sent me badly full of email messages, saying that I did not need it and that I had never met me. . He is not very professional. be cerfull. I asked him if he could do a trainee in my mothers house, he said he could do this, but he did not take the price of the trainee. I looked at the prices of a main plumber and thought it was on the case. I also looked at the Electría teacher, and I havent received more than $ 40 per hour.

Terri P - Profile Image
Terri P
05 Aug, 2022
Scottsdale, Arizona - 85251

There was an increase of $ 100 on the public notification services bill for the problem! I called the local resource, who sent someone to assess the problem. He decided that it was a leak in the hot water tube under the house board. Specifically, there is no way to determine the location of the escape, and the current solution is to light the house again, on the surface and across the outer and inner walls. I have a house in Florida, built in 1956, with a low tone of the roof, so there was a very small space in the attic so that the plumber kept the tube in the attic, 24 inches! To achieve the majority of new garages, kitchens and tubes on the roof of two bathrooms. The guest bathroom was particularly difficult, without access panels, then 8 inches between the bathroom wall, oil heater, and valve, to replace the taps and shower. bathtub. All work has been efficiently and professionally, with minimal interruption at home. Most of the dirt (some of the bit of one bite here and there was cleaned), all the trenches were filled and entered from the top, in addition to a proposal to replace the boxes in the attic, what I did to do other things the requirements were rejected while it was empty. I was not enthusiastic about the price, but the conditions were difficult and the rate definitely won! If this is not the usual plumbing, which I had faith, I would ask for a low offer. However, a bowl was given in a bowl as a toe show: How can you not like the "sensitive" plumbing! After the discovery of a board leakage in my old house in 1956, I called plumber over the past 22 years, during the past 22 years that I have a house for washing machine and kitchen (synchronization, dishwasher and dishwasher in the city. It is used to replace all cold and hot water pipes, the ice manufacturer. ) And two entire bathrooms, in addition to three hose murdles outside.

JANE M - Profile Image
13 Jan, 2022
Bowie, Maryland - 20715

After a deep freezing, he had water on the ground, which was on the ground because of the pipe system and the well pump that was no longer in operation. I called the other plumber, which will not be able to leave for days or download the cast C and C twice. They continued their way to provide a perfect service. From now on, they are scheduled to leave. Install a toilet

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