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About Frook Plumbing

Fruk Plumbing has provided residential and commercial clients in Lansing and its surroundings since 1994. The company s plumbing team can fix the toilet, repair dried tap and banks differ.

They can also prepare a plumbing system for seasonal changes. The customer can move to the company to help, maintain, maintain the water heater. Other services available to customers are the prevention of rear flow, as well as video examination, cleaning and repairing sewage and sanitation.

Area of expertise: roofing service, swimming pool inspection service, faucet repair service, septic tank installation service, dishwasher repair and installation services and more.

  1. Roofing Plumber
  2. Swimming Pool Plumber
  3. Faucet Repair Plumber
  4. Septic Tank Plumber
  5. Dishwasher Repair Plumber

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Frook Plumbing's Plumbing Services

  • Roofing: Need to hire a roofer? With the right roofing repair services expert, you don't have to worry about waiting around for someone to come out.
  • Swimming Pool Inspection: Taking advantage of a swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and inspection services plumber can save you time, money, and energy in the long run.
  • Faucet Repair: Need help fixing a dripping faucet or a broken handle? DataXiVi's professional Faucet repair plumbers are experts at fixing all types of faucets.
  • Septic Tank Installation: DataXiVi know how challenging it can be to find a reliable and trustworthy septic tank cleaning and installation plumbers in the United States, so we're here to help.
  • Dishwasher Repair and Installation: With DataXiVi services, Our experienced maintenance specialists are always ready to help you with any dishwasher repair and installation in the United States.

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Address Calumet City, IL - 60409, United States
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(Overall 4.3 Out of 5)
Don B - Profile Image
Don B
16 Jun, 2023
Haines, Alaska - 99827

3 different functions for us have done: First, replace Polybutlin tubes all over the house, then fictional shower so that we could install new showers + +, then they had "Finnish" plumbing, toilets and toilets that they returned to install (, dishwasher, garbage removal, And so on) it seems that the replacement of polybutilin was good, but it did not pass, because they did not put metal panels (nail panels) in the tubes, where they passed through 2 x 4 (to keep someone with the tube nails) or CalaFatea fire classifications to close the spaces around Pipes where they passed through 2 x 4. We ask them to return and fix it; Its initial response was that it would be an additional $ 340. After an additional discussion, they agreed to return and do this without any additional cost. Soon after, the first installation and the toilet installed were good. When we had the last work round (install the touch of the kitchen / waste / dishwasher, and plumbing plumbing, advertising: 1) the dishwasher should be connected to the granite meter; And 2) It was necessary to reverse the network to deplete the kitchen sink, which is a common problem when changing to the bottom sink as we did while replacing the kitchen. In addition, it was definitely announced that the 3rd processing of inspection, and n. ° 2 will depend on the Inspector s generosity. In an additional connection, he made it clear that the drainage on the wall to install the standard P-chance was very low, and we can implement a new rhythm via the (new) closet floor for an additional $ 415, and that the current installation "works and it looks normal for most of them, it is incorrect and will provide problems other than Sarah and unpleasant problems when entering food waste. "In the response we hope this is done * correctly * and for encryption, he answered that it is modest, etc. If we do not pay him, we will listen to his lawyer. We were surprised (based on lead data), the inspection has already passed. We have a separate plumber (a separate company) to see the area below the kitchen sink, which made it more than the mistake that was a mistake in installing the P-TRAP, where the connection was very low and overpowering and there were many possibilities to liquidate time. Alongside, especially vibrating through the judiciary. Originally, it was announced, instead of using these different types of T-TRAP, the inverted P, which was reflected and dissolved for $ 100. He also mentioned that drainage is suspended from the dishwasher (a ring has been made, which will get a waste of food) and capture it for us. In addition, Kevin insisted that it was the work of a normal contractor, or countertop installation work, for the (loose) dishwasher to the dishwasher to the cabinet/countertop. When consulting with the home warehouse, the new dishwasher (like us) consists of side assembly pillars, which is an easy/easy composition and does not include inserting wood in granite or ipoxy. I am not sure that Kevin did not use the dishwasher only to hold the cabinet, because he received the dishwasher. In total ... I will not use again. After the first example, we should not return to restore our work to the current code. In addition, since they were there when the walls were torn completely (the kitchen was shook), it is time to suggest that the drainage site is moving a little; Later, to install something incorrect and offer a crane drilling hole to the new brand cabinets to fix more than $ 400. I was surprised that after accepting that the work was unlikely to agree to the inspection, however, to solve the request of words (including your response (offer to pay the cost of transferring the exchange, although it does not pay for the solution. The incorrect plumbing was threatened) between The sexes and litigation. Polybutilin supply lines throughout the house; Installed toilets, taps (kitchen + bathroom), dishwasher, garbage removal

Dorcia C - Profile Image
Dorcia C
15 Oct, 2021
Georgetown, Colorado - 80444

The meeting became good. I talked about the process and answered the questions. A low rating was obtained in an area, where there was no 20 -minute late phone call, which was implemented in the previous work. Otherwise, happy. Examine and clean the oven

Tandy C - Profile Image
Tandy C
21 Sep, 2021
East Moline, Illinois - 61244

It was not present to evaluate professionalism, but they completed the work quickly. I am satisfied with the service.

EDWARDO O - Profile Image
19 Dec, 2021
Old Saybrook, Connecticut - 06475

In November 2019, I fell and broke the large copper valve in Dashti (one connecting the water temperature setting) was on the wall, so I could only listen to it. I had to stop water throughout the house. She called Lifeworks and left the next morning and put a new valve. $ 800. Jim and his son are very professional and humble. Jim and his son brought a new valve with him, and in a short time it was ... ...... and took the first appointments to half the price and put it inside! I recommend excessive life interviews and I will need a plumber at any time. Calculatory solid in the valve

Vickie D - Profile Image
Vickie D
30 May, 2022
Goshen, Indiana - 46526

They are always honest and reliable. The last plumber left the Christmas day and destroyed the work, and its snake was besieged in the exchange and was unable to do so, then the next day there was a rudeness to refer to a humiliating price to return. So I called Jomi and took care of it well. Sewage

Courtney U - Profile Image
Courtney U
25 Sep, 2021
Wellesley, Massachusetts - 02482

He was honorable and did a good job. They tended my dishwasher. People who bought them do not know what they were doing.

Chelsea L - Profile Image
Chelsea L
11 Nov, 2021
Winchester, Virginia - 22601

Sean is, and he will always be my hero, I recommended to my neighbor, who was completely impressed by the service. I took it before and I did not think about contacting another person, which is a very appropriate price and I never thought of any aspect of the introduction before him. After installing new countertops and shapes, drain the dragon and hook accessories, and drain the hot water tank.

TIM O - Profile Image
22 Oct, 2021
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 80903

This was the first time that I used it. I bought the unit and did all the work. There was no problem and took the old unit. I think its price may have been comparable. The quality of service was very good. Get used. They put the hot water tank.

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