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About Jacob Mejorado Plumbing Services

Very effective details directed at the plumber with more than 10 years of experience in commercial and residential plumbing.

Enjoy the ability to help others, which helps solve experience problems with me at an economic cost.

Area of expertise: furnace repair service, boiler repair and installation service, hvac repair services and more.

  1. Furnace Repair Plumber
  2. Boiler Repair Plumber
  3. HVAC Repair Plumber

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Jacob Mejorado Plumbing Services's Plumbing Services

  • Furnace Repair: Furnace failures often occur during the coldest winter months? That's why it's important to have a furnace repair services experts to call on when you need help.
  • Boiler Repair and Installation: At DataXiVi - We have professional boiler repair and installation contractors, they provides high-quality services for your boiler & other plumbing systems.
  • HVAC Repair: Hire HVAC repair services experts to service your unit regularly. They can perform a tune-up to ensure everything is running smoothly and can spot any potential problems.

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Address Willimantic, CT - 6226, United States
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Email Address jacobmejoradoplumbingservices@dataxivi.com

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Marlene F - Profile Image
Marlene F
31 Oct, 2021
Norfolk, Virginia - 23324

Please see the previous comment Mr. Warren Catheron, located in Brongberg, made plumbing in our house. We will not invite anyone else for the needs of plumbing. Mr. Catron has always arrived on time, cheerful and well familiar with all the plumbing solutions we need. Thank you, Warren, so that we can climb further. We wish your wonderful work.

Peter B - Profile Image
Peter B
21 May, 2022
Brea, California - 92821

Sparkley. The bomb must be changed to the future; But she is now working. Sewage transport pump without abandonment

Julie M - Profile Image
Julie M
18 Oct, 2022
Bellefontaine, Ohio - 43311

In January, a touch was appointed to replace it. When I tried to shower in March, even after two months, he left the appearance of the barrel. Request drainage from doctors repairing the defective tap, repair and left. I did not say anything about any problem for us. A few days later, the property official receives a bill, as he tried to persuade us (tenants) of the fall of his submarines and accuse our property management of $ 175 for every repair. I feel completely injustice and fraud of this company, its plumbing and management. San Luis Obispo is known by companies that prefer to take advantage of tenants who do not know better. This company is one of them. If you want to install defective equipment, I am guilty and download to replace them, call! Touch installation and repair

Rachel W - Profile Image
Rachel W
26 Jan, 2022
West Chester, Pennsylvania - 19380

My husband and I gave Steve about 6000 dollars on plumbing work. It is Khaleds plumbing, lazy and unimportant. They made three leaks in erythema with toilets, and two stranger just because they neglected the toilet tank screws and other screws to press it properly. Steve has returned several times to solve the problems he created, but he does not bear responsibility by expressing the repentance of my pride and dirt on the ground. He loves to blame himself. This offer also adds 20 % at the top of the ingredients that ask for home, so be careful, dont ask for it. Finally, there is a contract written with it if you choose to walk on a rocky road with this man. Try to charge a lot of services that we had an oral agreement. Very honorable and completely eternity. I will go away. 3 bathroom regeneration, water heater installation

Kevin J - Profile Image
Kevin J
23 Jan, 2022
Winslow, Arizona - 86047

The American house shield sent it, she left near the clothing washing machine as a solid exchange block. But they entered, they did not try anything, they only saw the exchange and said that it should be installed in the interiors for $ 950, and it is not covered by my guarantee, and after that they can start trying to clean the pace for $ 500, but I have old tubes and pipes and you may need to replace them . I refused, and called another plumber, who worked hard for a total of 4 hours in two days, but in the end I found my interruption and cleaning with snakes of a different size for $ 600. Google MR. Router for Rip stories all over the country. They immediately want to tear their tube and find all kinds of new rate to add it. I was not deceiving myself. sink

JERRY I - Profile Image
16 Jun, 2022
Elkton, Maryland - 21921

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