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in JSP, we are proud that we have knowledge and experience for the first time. We have worked on plumbing and large drainage companies and know what he is receiving. We are less in the prices we charge to do the same. After working in all major companies in the past, we have the same knowledge and experience to work. We care about our customers. We never charge you to show you work on our door. Our customers are first. The 12 -year active service since respect

After military service, I was on the line of work. With the army, I try to do the best possible job to satisfy my customers. I am very proud of my work and I love what I do ... and show it. There is no better understanding in the world that the customer wrote a great review about his full experience with me ... From the initial phone call, work, to the reasonable prices I receive. I am new to this site, but see my terrible review on Yelp.com and Homeguide.com! You will see why all my clients refer to friends and family.

Area of expertise: pool water line repair service, kitchen drain installation and repair service, submersible pump installation and repair services and more.

  1. Pool Water Plumber
  2. Kitchen Drain Plumber
  3. Submersible Pump Plumber

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  • Pool Water Line Repair: There are three types of pool water line repair services available: full, partial, and off-site. Book a pro plumber, They will come to your home and clean your pool
  • Kitchen Drain Installation and Repair: If you're dealing with a clogged sink, the best thing you can do is call a professional drain cleaning and repair services. we'll be happy to help with that too.
  • Submersible Pump Installation and Repair: Our Submersible (SUMP PUMP) Repair Service is the perfect solution to your water equipment problem. At DataXiVi, you can find reliable and experienced plumbers.

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Address Rugby, ND - 58368, United States
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Email Address jspsewer&draincleaning,llc@dataxivi.com

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David and Bellanne A - Profile Image
David and Bellanne A
28 Jun, 2023
Westfield, Massachusetts - 1085

I met Dennis and described the work required for my 1957 agricultural home style with a tracking space. I also told them that it also requires banks of the kitchen washbasin and that the bathtub had also been anesthetized, as it was historically problematic places. He gave me its offer and spoke less and started appropriately, so I immediately agreed on the price and asked to put it in my time as soon as possible. It was very restricted and all the permits and submarines were drawn for the main line. Everything has become great. The first sign was that something was not good that he started telling me that he did not exceed some situations and that he needed to collect additional prices for that and it was an additional cost. Some can understand, but as a contractor they should know about the problem of the problem and they should not say it was unexpected. Therefore, the original dialect amounted to more than $ 5,950 for a permit equal to $ 6200. They added an additional $ 250 to fix unexpected heaters and water. It adds up to $ 6,450 to the mathematics you learned from school. However, he raised $ 3000 in advance and $ 3500 in the final. A $ 50 council in addition to an unexpected ventilation tube? Oh, improve, wait. After that, in the tubes in the tracking area, it faced a Cooper tube connected to the galvanized tube, which was a water line that nourishes the snow -manufacturer in the kitchen refrigerator. As home owner, I assumed that everything would be the same and after a long period of $ 6500 for new tubes. Then, when they finished, pushed and left, we installed a new water filter on the Cooper Line behind the refrigerator. Old ice cubes were removed to make a new snow. Huh appeared some dirty ice chips, then nothing. Then we realized that the water line of the refrigerator was not reopened. Of course, she admitted that it was a search. She approached Dennis and asked him to return and get a refrigerator water line. Initially he said that there is no problem that he could take care of him and return him to the schedule, although they will spend a few days. However, when it was found that it was a different story. He accused me of interacting with him, as I asked him not to add it again. I was surprised, because there was no such debate. Why did you buy a new water candidate and install it and expected snow cubes if they knew that he no longer had a refrigerator water line? Why does a person want to snow in the refrigerator that has an ice manufacturer? I was crazy. Then he began to install it, then he learned that he lacks something and left it. Note books, saying he regretted his behavior. After the weekend, I received a phone call from the office next Monday, which was asking to pay about $ 300 and was surprised because the work was incomplete and also because I felt the high cost of something is not my fault. The contractor was the inspection control. Aside from this, I didnt know how long I would return to end the mission. I asked them to rebuild it to complete the work. He returned and ended and asked for Chalians view in the hope of discussing it. He said he has nothing to know. I had to call the office and ask and asked for exemption because I didnt think the cost should be because it should have been done again as part of the tube. Here, because the woman in the office said she should ask Dennis and then called me and the price was 290 dollars with discounts, the same price that she told me when she called and completed the work previously required to pay. What a joke. It surprised me almost if this plan was not getting more money with me. What a terrible disappointment. Pipes and the new home line again.

Dennis J - Profile Image
Dennis J
09 Jan, 2022
Victorville, California - 92392

We call this plumbing on the recommendation of our son, who lived in Safok. There was a leakage in our main floor bath, which was born in the upper bathroom. Taka the top of the toilet with the roof of the lower bathroom. We have paid an initial boost in our work, and went today. He did not return the next day and did not respond to our call or no longer. He finally came with a story about spending last night in the hospital with his wife. They were more wrong and left again for today. We did not see him or hear from him again. You will not respond to our call. We had to employ another person to repair our escape and clean their lands. Pipeline

Cuvier  L - Profile Image
Cuvier L
14 Sep, 2021
Roselle, New Jersey - 07203

Very well. 160.00 was martyred as he pushed it. Cleaning the sewage line.

Claire M - Profile Image
Claire M
09 Feb, 2022
Concord, Massachusetts - 94520

They are completely able, but I was not very happy for what I really did. In other words, the cost of the service requires what they really had to do and the time they were really spending, he was not very happy with him. They may be very qualified leaders, but they also receive it. They are very long. Maybe they were $ 100 for 10 minutes of work. I really cant judge them, they didnt do much. But I think they are able. He had no doubt his ability to be necessary. I will use it if it is only available. They will not be my first choice. Todd Breitenfeldt, the owner of YPD Plumbing, installed the kitchen taps he had previously bought. When I called YPD, I found an appointment and as soon as you could answer. YPD is the only company that I have contacted and I will give me Holly. He said when he said he would be created.

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