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Small Independent Landscape Company is reliable and entire equipment needed to work hard. Work with references. I always try to keep the best leg forward while improving my work.

Area of expertise: dishwasher repair and installation service, sink installation service, toilet repair services and more.

  1. Dishwasher Repair Plumber
  2. Sink Installation Plumber
  3. Toilet Repair Plumber

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Just N Time Services LLC's Plumbing Services

  • Dishwasher Repair and Installation: With DataXiVi services, Our experienced maintenance specialists are always ready to help you with any dishwasher repair and installation in the United States.
  • Sink Installation: We believe that everyone should have access to quality sink installation services, so we offer our services at a best price that is fair and reasonable.
  • Toilet Repair: If you've noticed a leak coming from your toilet drain or your flapper is not working correctly, then this is an easy toilet repair to handle by our plumbers.

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Address Memphis, TN - 38103, United States
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Email Address justntimeservicesllc@dataxivi.com

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Robert M - Profile Image
Robert M
30 Nov, 2021
Abilene, Texas - 79601

Terrible .. Explanation above. Do not use this chest plumber! We all needed a "snake" toilet line. I will do it myself, but there was no team and I wanted to make sure it was true. Mr. Androito summoned early to answer, and he was with an assistant at 3:15 pm. They could not discover the "cleaning" tube, so they said they would remove the toilet ... Owk, then they said that the tank was far away and perhaps their snake was long. They started, went up. After 3/4 hours, I went down (I should not take it for a long time ...) I had a toilet on the floor, and showed me the materials that prevented the tube and simply keep the bowl again. After 10 minutes, I saw again, and the toilet cup (a tall standard, tall standard) was on the broken ground. ... it was clear that the bolt was a lot of pressure, because it was broken directly in the bolt. He said: "I think you need a new model, what, 1/ for one hour and a broken toilet! A device I did not have ...

Patricia M - Profile Image
Patricia M
05 Sep, 2022
Kinston, North Carolina - 28501

2009 - I left the key (for the entrance to the technicians itself), so I had to contact them again to restore it. A/C spent and there was no price to delay the key. (I bought my LOV heater), I lit all the taps (5), the bathtub (3) and a warm shower. My art started to separate the kitchen faucet, I saw that time and asked why he said there was less pressure from the water. I said that you dont think this could happen because all the open taps are at home. He said hes unbelievance. Keep it again and tried it after all the other taps, after good pressure. I told him that I was doing, I would clean it. An invitation to persuade Mr. Stallings and give them $ 50 at the time of wasting the taps. (You never did the right thing, I finally changed it) 2013 - I left to the left side of the house, I called the excellent and said they were very busy, "calling another person." Another company served Fraon, but it did not help, because of my program, I could not verify it for a week. So I called the balls again for an appointment, but they were busy. I called him (25) yesterday (25) and said that he is going out today (Friday afternoon), he did not appear or called him, so I called him again to see the date of next week, no, they are still still very busy. I called again to make an appointment for 3 weeks and the woman told me that they did not want to treat me because of previous accidents. The "end of the story" was what he said and commented! Therefore, if you want a company to be offered, all the price will be recovered and the invoice will be lined with unwanted work or that the customer will blame for not completing your technician ... call calls. I have come close to another company from the Angies list and I will give them the qualification next week 2009 - capsules were replaced in the A/C unit, which was re -re -replaced it in 2011 - a hot water heater was replaced. 2013- I tried to receive air conditioning service

Richard S - Profile Image
Richard S
14 Jan, 2022
Ajo, Arizona - 85321

The gym arrived on time with another plumber and as soon as I arrived and opened the door. It was modest and all the necessary spare parts were available prematurely that these creatures require replacement. The gym can also come to the water company technician before the first schedule, which greatly improved the process. I was very worried about how this process occurred because the house was empty and winter for more than three years and bought it without knowing the entire plumbing system position. I am very happy to do Jim and J, and I will definitely contact them again (and recommendations) if necessary. A 2000 square feet was placed with two full two bathrooms, including pressure and gas tests, the installed dishwasher, replaced the bathtub, opened a toilet and replaced the bathroom banks.

Jim H - Profile Image
Jim H
23 Nov, 2021
Houlton, Maine - 04730

They were wonderful, recommended to others. It also achieves great success with them. We originally used to work in our office/home and work. He did a good job and accused a fair price. We call it again to do an additional job in our cabin. We had a day when I could do four jobs for us in one day, while we were permission. When we went back, we received 4 bills (as required) but we were much more than our appreciation.

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