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Hello ... Dont forget to review my profile and reviews in Thumbac ...... I have more than 675 jobs with more than 514 reviews! I have more than 35 years of experience that mainly focuses on plumbing and discharge on small electrical works for restoration. It is very suitable for me to provide my services. I enjoy meeting people and providing basic services.

I have always enjoyed working with my hand. I really like to meet people and learn from them and take their things in this life ... I always have the opportunity to take a different vision for me and sometimes, in the way I can see things ... learning. Of course, it is always a sense of completing work or task and being a happy customer ... its the ultimate goal.

Area of expertise: shower installation service, emergency plumbers service, hydro jetting services and more.

  1. Shower Installation Plumber
  2. Emergency Service Plumber
  3. Hydro Jetting Plumber

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K&M Plumbing And Drain Handyman Services's Plumbing Services

  • Shower Installation: With shower installation, you can enjoy a full-room hot tub experience in any bathroom, We can simply repair your current shower to make it more enjoyable.
  • Emergency Plumbers: Our emergency plumbing services are critical for any household because, without them, you might end up with disasters like flooded basements, broken pipes, or burst sewers.
  • Hydro Jetting: We offer high-quality hydro-jetting services to residential and commercial properties. We are one of the USA's most successful companies and professional water jetting experts.

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Address Moscow, ID - 83843, United States
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Email Address k&mplumbinganddrainhandymanservices@dataxivi.com

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Neil B - Profile Image
Neil B
26 Nov, 2021
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 55101

Del can help me achieve all the articles I need and their heart in a very short time. He was very professional and explained exactly what will be done. I felt that the price he provided me was very appropriate. I cant be happy with the work it has done. Very reliable and very recommended! You need an accessory to become a house with old plumbing. Additional work is required to cut and replace the tube and the access panel is installed in a wardrobe.

Betsy B - Profile Image
Betsy B
03 Aug, 2022
Durant, Oklahoma - 74701

The person who left the weekend time and informed him that we must stop our waters to the short term and to blame Monday, because the prices of the weekend continue to increase every few hours and that reaching the work was not yet clear. We appreciate that. Because of the truck problems, the time was late on Monday, but after about two hours he said he needed many calls. Discover that the repair works were not great. I know the cost of plumbing is high, but I think we have gained more. During his saying, I was not at work and charged $ 70 for PVC tubes and some glue pieces. I noticed that he bought a new extension cable, but I did not realize that we should have been tolerated and who knows what was his personal supply. And many additional costs, such as $ 20, which have reached each truck, etc. I used this company because it was recommended by our accompanying director. Certainly I will not use it and give my experience to our manager. The main water line has been repaired.

Suzanne P - Profile Image
Suzanne P
12 Oct, 2021
Breckenridge, Colorado - 80424

Jack Tali was a great Vasar owner! He did not respond to 6 phone messages. Not completely professional ... I do not recommend it. After canceling twice, he returned home to guess. He spent time to go to work, then never appeared!

Diana S - Profile Image
Diana S
08 Aug, 2022
Northfield, Minnesota - 55057

New boiler and water heater installation

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