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Hello Mera Louis I have been in the plumbing trade for more than 10 years, and I work with a different company and now it is also flying in my own work. My residential and commercial experience is my Kasbak experience, and all water lines provide gas water heaters.

Area of expertise: sprinkler repair service, house cleaning service, leak repair services and more.

  1. Sprinkler Repair Plumber
  2. House Cleaning Plumber
  3. Leak Repair Plumber

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Luis Drian Services Inc's Plumbing Services

  • Sprinkler Repair: Hiring a professional sprinkler repair plumber can help you ensure that your sprinkler heads are properly adjusted and can even help you identify any problems.
  • House Cleaning: In addition, many house cleaning services plumbers use eco-friendly products and methods, which can be a major selling point for health-conscious consumers.
  • Leak Repair: When you employ leak repair services experts to find leaks in your home's plumbing system and fix them quickly, You should try to call our local plumbers today!

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Address Martinsburg, WV - 25401, United States
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Mary F - Profile Image
Mary F
29 Apr, 2023
Cleveland Heights, Ohio - 44118

I contacted this company after trying more than one regular water bill. At that time, they told me that I have repaired the service that would have a shipping rate of $ 40, but there was a voucher on the website that I could use to compensate for this position. When the coach arrived, he immediately told me that 391 dollars leaked, a fee will be imposed on him. I agreed to this, because it was not as much as the water bill. There were no visual signs of escape, and at this stage he believed he was still worth it. 15 minutes after the leakage was discovered in the water line, they told me that it would be an additional $ 331 to repair the drilling to expose the leakage. They accused me of an additional rate of leakage repair (there was a need to replace a small conductor), and after repair, the technician told me that there is a lot of water pressure and one other to change the regulator. It will be required $ 350. I refused to try to hit me more. The same escape was returned within 24 hours, and the return was refused and repaired. Do not use this company. The best reviews on its website has the phrase "we will correct it". They will not correct it for the first time and will strike you. Just because it explodes for $ 811, this does not mean that you have to do so. Waterproof

Larry E - Profile Image
Larry E
11 Nov, 2021
Henderson, Kentucky - 42420

It was very expensive to get a sink and keep it in a new one. This was a really cheap job. I gave it $ 1,000 to the materials and I know it was not the cost of $ 1,000, only for plywood and sink. It was not a good experience. He changed the kitchen sink. They were about to repair the floor below, but what they did was placed in the thin plywood.

alan A - Profile Image
alan A
07 Nov, 2021
Jonesborough, Tennessee - 37659

this is very good. He was very modest. He knows what to do. This is a reasonable price. He always arrived on time. He went out to give me an estimate that we can agree on it. It is physically disabled. It will be great with average jobs. Replace the water heater. He also replaced the tap in the bathroom. Fix the toilet in the bathroom.

Catherine G - Profile Image
Catherine G
20 Sep, 2021
Calistoga, California - 94515

He was satisfied with his work. Its prices were slightly higher. He decided to leak under the house.

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