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If my work is exciting, I can help people start a new start by launching things they do not need or want.

Area of expertise: chimney repair service, pressure assist toilets installation service, faucet repair services and more.

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  • Chimney Repair: DataXiVi's chimney repair plumbers offer numerous services. Be that as it may, you need a professional to perform annual chimney cleaning and inspection.
  • Pressure Assist Toilets Installation: Why You Need to Hire Home Cleaning Services Plumber? We are here for you if you are looking for locally owned and operated toilet installation services near me in the USA.
  • Faucet Repair: Need help fixing a dripping faucet or a broken handle? DataXiVi's professional Faucet repair plumbers are experts at fixing all types of faucets.

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Address Norwalk, OH - 6851, United States
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Email Address oddjobsjunkremovalassistance@dataxivi.com

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roger H - Profile Image
roger H
13 Sep, 2021
Rochester, New York - 14604

Very good, useful and good service Sanitation problem and other tubes

Sam  B - Profile Image
Sam B
15 Jan, 2025
East Hampton, New York - 11937

My father was in construction work. I help you build and prepare homes again. I took all homes from scratch. I was helping a friend in the intestine and I was the numbers of his house and I thought the download line could approach the sewers. He did not have the appropriate tools for the main sewage drainage 30 +. Google has discovered the leading companies in my area and found Peterman Broth. I reviewed its website and found a voucher indicating 83.00 dollars to serve the same day to open a depletion; There is no service summons; Without transfer fees; 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. I called Petmans brother and asked for a service on the same day to open a depletion. I told them for a reason I wanted to serve and also asked him if they had enough snake to completely clean the tube. There was no misunderstanding on the service I requested. He saw his program and told me that he could not respect the service of "the same day", which was observed in his voucher. I told him that the next day was fine and that the date was scheduled. The next day, two technicians arrived and explained the situation and confirmed that they had the appropriate tools for the education of exchange. Request a look at the line/area before removing any team from the truck, so that they know what they need. I took them to a tracking space and showed them that the main exchange was in cleaning. One technique opened the top of the main drainage, looked inside, spoiled the cover and told me that it was not closed. I was a pleasant surprise. When we were under the house, we talked about re -displaying the house and all the things they should do. I indicated a small shrinkage in the drain line, where we were sitting and telling them that I was on my list. The coach told me what Peter will receive to reform and laugh and asked him to plan to reform myself. Everything looked well ... until I got the bill. Peterman did not receive $ 83 to clean the exchange due to the lack of closure of the exchange. Instead, I imposed me on $ 85.00 for "clinical prices"! I called the company and asked for clarifications. He said that the coach diagnosed the dried drainage tube and provided a price to repair it. are you kidding? I told him that I was the person who referred to the nomination and told the technique that I was on my list from two for me. The only service required by me was that depletion was taken/frustrated. The office with which I spoke does not matter. He said that technology provided a diagnosis and then provided a price to solve the problem. So I must pay a clinical rate. I was not necessarily worried about money because if my depletion stops, I will pay happy $ 83.00. I told him that I have no problem paying an amount, perhaps half, because the technology has come out, even if I do not have to work to clean the drain line. I told him that I was more disturbing because I gave me an invoice to serve I never asked. In fact, the situation was $ 2.00, if the technology had spent a great time for a truck, under the tracking space, to extract the dirty sewage line and then clean the tool and the tracking space. We talked for several minutes and I did my best to understand the error in charging someone as he never asked or wanted. Nothing I said there was a difference. When I stuck with him, his hope was disappointed at the customer service level and there was even some anger in his commercial practices. However, after I was subjected to a few days, I decided that it was not a battle, I wanted to fight, so I decided to forget and move forward, knowing that I would not change with them again. After that, a few weeks later, I received a monitoring call from the agent of the clients experience to Brother Peterman. He called me and started to ask questions about my experience with the service I received. I explained what happened and told him how I felt about the charges of a service, I did not ask for that. Instead of listening to me and trying to understand my point of view, cut me and began to argue with me. He repeatedly said that the clinical service has been implemented, so I should pay. The conversation took place in a shout game until she finally said: "It doesnt matter, you do not regain $ 85.00!" I was surprised a little, I answered: "I have never asked you to return it" to what I find. "What do we do here?" I am thinking, is this real man? I said, "Tell me! I did not call you, called me. I asked about my experience, when I start talking and explain my thoughts, cut me, discuss with me and dont let me talk!" "Oh, sorry." He was commenting. Very pleasant!! Did it really happen? As a result of this phone call, I decided that I wouldnt let it go. I contacted my credit card company and raised accusations on the basis that Pieterman Bhai gave me an invoice for a service that I have never requested. He did not do any work for me because the exchange called him to fix it. They announce "without the service summons rate and without the shipping price." Therefore: There is no work + there is no service calling + no transmission rate = no price. They can not simply decide to collect an average for something that has never been asked. Do not use this company! If you do this, you will regret it. The truth is that the representative of his clients experience came to ask me about my experience, then I screamed and argued with me, then he told me that I will not recover my money (when I never asked for that or even I did that without proposing correspondence) and without skills, you must know everyone who knows the caliber of the employee and the type of training that They receive it. Follow: During a credit card dispute, Peterman Broth made documents manufactured to CC. Description of the service provided in the first two pages. The second page had a text company. The intention was to show a signature of the services provided. He said I fell on this document. CC sent me a review document. I read the document, examined the company and then responded to CC. I told him that they had never submitted the document, and I never saw the document and that I did not sign the document. The company accused the illegal documents and fraud. Credit Card Company reviewed my answer, completed its investigation and returned my money. Unfortunately, he could not do anything about Petermans illegal activity and sent me to the Consumer Protection Agency and a better commercial office. The case was closed with CC and got a recovery. However, I intend to inform both of the fraud practices in Petman Bahi and follow the legal procedures if possible. No company should be allowed to set fraudulent documents and is expected to move with it! The scent of the main sewage line and clean it.

Raymond B - Profile Image
Raymond B
17 Jun, 2022
Austin, Texas - 78701

Everything is well walked. Work was a great restoration of the bathroom in a 100 -year -old house. Most of the work was doing alone. Mr. Rowa was to coordinate with my program. Mr. Row knew what he was doing and was quickly and skilled. Tile floors can be installed on removal and radiator restoration. Remove the plumbing from the old bathtub and repeat it for the cardiac bathtub. In addition, he fixed an oxidized tube on another radiator. He saved the accessories to re -raise the bathtub and take time to explain how to complete the bathtub with a hand image. He has always shown in time.

George H - Profile Image
George H
09 Oct, 2021
Davenport, Iowa - 52801

They came out immediately and solved the problem! It also divides a line into a water scale into a meter for me and bring an old gas line into the code! Install a completely new sewage system

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