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About Osteen Plumbing Company

fontanero with state license, tradition in South Florida since 1926! ........ General contractor with a license, not subcept ........ We solve the entire problem!

Solving plumbing problems really,

Low discussion ....... All procedures

plumbing truck is fully equipped at work ... Today or Tomoro!

Area of expertise: duct cleaning service, window repair service, bathroom drain clog services and more.

  1. Duct Cleaning Plumber
  2. Window Repair Plumber
  3. Bathroom Drain Plumber

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Osteen Plumbing Company's Plumbing Services

  • Duct Cleaning: Duct cleaning services is necessary to be done regularly to prevent allergies, asthma attacks, and other health problems. It can also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.
  • Window Repair: Do you need a window repair services plumber? If you have any problems with your windows, don't hesitate to hire window repairing experts from DataXiVi.
  • Bathroom Drain Clog: A clogged Bathroom Drain can be a real pain, but with bathroom drain clog services near you from dataXiVi plumbers, you can get your drain unclogged quickly.

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Address Kalamazoo, MI - 49007, United States
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Email Address osteenplumbingcompany@dataxivi.com

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Bill D - Profile Image
Bill D
04 Jan, 2022
Sebring, Florida - 33870

When his plumber arrived, he left the house in a worse size. Hanafian was the first doll (one in the hot water heater, the second use under the pelvis) is now dripping and the waters immersed the garage. He should have said that there is a problem. My wife and wifes wife cleaning the ground and can prevent water damage. Then he lied to the hot water boat to ensure our housing: "The security of the first American residential buyer", saying that it was "drought" when I learned that he was stuck as an engineer. I was. I called the real plumbing of Hannah plumbing and replaced the bomb, because it failed because of the age. Change the hot water repetition pump without success.

Kathy T - Profile Image
Kathy T
15 Oct, 2021
Clifton, New Jersey - 07013

excellent! There was closed in our bathroom. We call Waterworks plumbing, which is recommended by a friend. They got the work quickly. We were very happy with the service and the price we paid. I will definitely use this company in the future.

Peter B - Profile Image
Peter B
06 Mar, 2022
Mayfield, Kentucky - 42066

-The technicians were more than an hour and a half after the committed time. We had no call to tell us that I was walking late. -Promise $ 75/hour. After performing the services, they told us that it was a mistake and that the price was $ 85/h. -Your total rate was $ 153, although the person was watching the coach said that there was for 20 minutes. -The man who was watching the coach said he used a role, and the actor said he used more. We do not find any phone to tell us about the estimated repair cost. He did not contact whether the repair cost is less than $ 150, although I was in it. -While the actor honored me $ 150 after he told me that the cost was $ 15. When I contacted the question about the price of services that were performed at the end of the day, the actor said he could not tell me that. I waited until 1:00 pm the next day and I had to call again to find the price. The supplier fixed a leakage on the roof of the lower history of Doss Corrie.

Karen J - Profile Image
Karen J
04 Dec, 2021
Newberg, Oregon - 97132

I would like to recommend using excessive plumbing from Neiheisel. His entire team was friendly and reliable, and in general, he did a great job with a difficult project. 5 days are needed so that the 110 -year -old project is completed and clean every day and make sure that there is the shortest possible time in our house and in my husband or I am very positive and every time it is very positive and I was happy. With them. Great service, fair price and great team. They put a new air conditioning unit.

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