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> plumbing problems can be very stressful, but I will bring you peace of mind through my seventh experience, professional efficiency, customer service level rises and exceeds, and expanding my method that involves cleaning when the job is completed.

My review says all this! My price is very good and I get a fixed price for my services so that you are not surprised. I am reliable, I will treat you with respect, and most importantly, I will talk to you why you need to fix.

Area of expertise: roofing service, shower & tub installation service, chimney sweep services and more.

  1. Roofing Plumber
  2. Shower & Plumber
  3. Chimney Sweep Plumber

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Sewer Surgeon LLC's Plumbing Services

  • Roofing: Need to hire a roofer? With the right roofing repair services expert, you don't have to worry about waiting around for someone to come out.
  • Shower & Tub Installation: When it comes to Shower and Tub Installation services, we are your one-stop shop. Our qualified contractors provide quick, affordable Shower repair services.
  • Chimney Sweep: Hire quelified chimney sweep services expert from DataXiVi. A professional chimney sweep plumber will have the knowledge and experience to clean your chimney quickly and effectively.

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(Overall 4.2 Out of 5)
David B - Profile Image
David B
16 Mar, 2022
Clearfield, Utah - 84015

Our initial belief was that we have a good company that was appointed with good commercial ethics despite learning from the Angie menu that the company has already described "F". Finally, we learned why and in fact there was a "F" qualification and how it happened. The king of the router dropped the ball and made our stay a disaster for several months. Draining the storm still returns. Initially, it appeared responsible, professional and important. The city was launched or recorded "no permissions". A total of 3 fossils in the property to detect the problem due to support and not completely completed. There is no copy of the inspector and permission on the site. Additional excavation leads to changes and increased value. Request for additional payment, pressure and delay. Despite the disturbing pressure, do not pay all the work until the work is done. The annihilation, the entrance path and the lower floor to dig, repair and repair the support of rain drain The city required to dig our property. Foreman sat out of the truck and spoke with the "owners" and wrote 3 different decades, in exchange for our money and did not complete the work.

Thomas L - Profile Image
Thomas L
27 Apr, 2022
Grenada, Mississippi - 38901

The worst experience in my life! 1. The date for 1: 00-4: 00, it did not shave until 7:30. He said that the next day he will return to 1:00 pm. 3. The coach called at 2:00, check that he will call again in 30 minutes. 4. Dispatch told me at 2:30 pm that I need to make an appointment to appoint a separate company) 4. Request to speak with the supervisor, the office supervisor told me that the technology supervisor will arrive again within 2-4 hours. The supervisor "Jay" called me, and asked me why I sent technology last night, why not the sewage line (in the 1950s house!) I never apologized to every 100 cleaning. When I told him how much the "emergency" service is the cost of the "emergency" service, he said he would exclude someone with a 7 opponent that night. 8. He asked to complain about the companys office, and he was told that the provincial manager would contact me (he never contacted me). It is still slow. Take me using banks. 10. The supervisor J asked to know if the problem was solved, I told him that the bathtub is still slow and that Alex advised me to receive banks. I was surprised and advised me to get a tool in Home Depot to solve the problem myself. He said that if that does not succeed, the snake will come in exchange, but I never want this company in my house! Cleaning the sewage service line.

andrea M - Profile Image
andrea M
20 Jun, 2022
Lander, Wyoming - 82520

For 4 years, my family was dealing with very weak water pressure all over the house and needed to determine everything. I received the bill in the Angs menu and called it. He went out and was very useful in our situation. Make his recommendations and then submit an appreciation of the work. I felt that his price was very appropriate and that he was honest in all aspects of my problems with water pressure problems. Bell and his crew arrived on time and did all the work in time. They were all very professional and good. He even worked to intimidate my twin son with a lot of noise because he is afraid of strong noise. My family cannot be happy with the end result. This is really in the day and night, which is with regard to a lot of water for water and a lot of warm water for the house. Bell and his crew also knew that my fire for the oven did not succeed safely and in the emergency situations correctly and continued and continued in everything that I succeeded in a wonderful feeling was a wonderful bill, it is sincere enough to mention it and resolve it to the contractor. Important problems without hesitation. There was no additional cost as my family had a sense of safety. If you want a good sincere experience with a contractor who knows a lot about heating and plumbing industry, do not hesitate to call and heat. I recommend excessive bills and crew for any kind of heating problems, air conditioning and plumbing. Replace all the old tubes on the basement with the new PEX tube and replace the water heater without a work tank with 40 gallons of water tanks.

Fernando M - Profile Image
Fernando M
30 Oct, 2021
Cape Coral, Florida - 33904

It became very terrible because it was a high level of difficulty due to the pelvic era. Tom used half a scale of successful disposal techniques of parts of sensitive tubes. Tom realizes that when doing a good job at cheap prices, your customers will return to your services! Tom has a good performance. Replace an old tube.

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