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Solomon Apprentice Services is a fully secure trainee service company that flourishes excellent customer service from start to finish. Solomon trainee is completely effective and takes extra caution when continuing to work. Services include repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement of devices and locks. Suleiman is professional, effective and economic in all regions. There is no very small or very large work, we do everything. Just contact today and get your free appreciation.

Area of expertise: shower & tub installation service, chimney sweep service, roofing services and more.

  1. Shower & Plumber
  2. Chimney Sweep Plumber
  3. Roofing Plumber

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Solomon Locksmith And Handyman Services's Plumbing Services

  • Shower & Tub Installation: When it comes to Shower and Tub Installation services, we are your one-stop shop. Our qualified contractors provide quick, affordable Shower repair services.
  • Chimney Sweep: Hire quelified chimney sweep services expert from DataXiVi. A professional chimney sweep plumber will have the knowledge and experience to clean your chimney quickly and effectively.
  • Roofing: Need to hire a roofer? With the right roofing repair services expert, you don't have to worry about waiting around for someone to come out.

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MICHAEL S - Profile Image
25 Nov, 2022
Vancouver, Washington - 98660

The tenants asked a plumber to fix it and had to come and pay the work upon completion. He called this work and said that someone was right, and showed two people 30 minutes. Then the man changed the valve and spent an hour to do so. No one needs? I was called to attend and pay the bill. The tenant said they did not tell him about the price of time until the work and show of Challen to sign. When the "plumbing" challenged me, the employment rate for an hour was $ 265.00 and the service rate was $ 65.00 per content of $ 15.00 and $ 18.00 for taxes. I was surprised by the work rate and said it was insulting. The worker said he was happy with the rhythm and this is what he accused after working hours. He said he was a license plumbing and that if you wanted to call the "trainee" at a low price, I will take my chance. I got to know that they are not registered contractors, not with the plumbing contractor, they are considered "trainees". It has a "license to do business" in Apache Junction and does not need to be a "licensed plumbing". I also contacted many licensed plumbing in Apache Junction the next day and the schedule rates range from $ 65.00 to $ 125 per hour, without the service rate, and taxes are not applied to employment. I tried to talk to the owner, Mr. Bill Moulin, became a height and started screaming and threatening and said he had all the time and that I would pay the price of his lawyer. I was so afraid that I had to hang it. Since then, I was harassing me several times and his wife, saying that he would send the police after paying the bill. I stopped paying in my check for my work so that we can resolve the conflict, however, you will respond or respond to the phone call to my daughter (who lives in Los Angeles and truly rejects at home) and tries to intimidate our tenant when paying payments. Our daughter sends a letter and will be a "online" check with other "licensed" plumbing prices. It was called in an emergency to replace the toilet -broken water valve at 8:00 pm. Before the Apache intersection. Our tenant did not tell that he was not a licensed contractor and that he did not tell him the rate of the hour until the tenant was challenged after work. He did $ 265.00 for one hour and $ 65.00 for this simple work. The time rate is insulting. I contacted many licensed plumbing in Apache Junction and no one received $ 120.00 per hour after normal hours and fees were not imposed on service calls.

BarbarA W - Profile Image
BarbarA W
10 Jun, 2021
Las Vegas, Nevada - 89101

The electrical heat pump with an extracted oven

Carla R - Profile Image
Carla R
29 Dec, 2021
Columbus, Mississippi - 39701

They were wearing early, professionals and even cleaning the bathroom before leaving. If you are in the southern waste, call Szabo! I had a new toilet installed in January, but I never did the right thing. In recent days, it will not be completely old, regardless of the amount of drowning. Finally, I got this company last night and agreed to do first this morning. Bob (the owner) discovered that the new erythema was defective. He and his partner went to the Menars, and they recovered new (the same model, the brand) and created it. They ignored the old bathrooms (at the last time I created a bathroom, the plumber left the old man in his dining room).

Elizabeth H - Profile Image
Elizabeth H
28 Aug, 2022
Rome, Georgia - 30161

I can spend hours how much my experience was with TCC plumbing. I can estimate that they need to demolish my property to reach the nomination, and they worked, but customer service and communication were terrible. The worst that you faced with a leading company. He had four separate people who contacted me at different points of this process about breaking the walls to reach the tube, and I didnt even know the total range of work. What was happening until then did not get the owner on the phone to help. That was protection and mercy, unhelpful. Then, at the end of the work, my credit card was imposed once on $ 1,225 before seeing Challen. I provided information on my credit card and assaulted the "rank" of services, but I have never done a company to run my credit card before sending Challenges and allow me to see the accusations and accept them. Because I did not know that they would collect my card, I finished paying additional prices because it was more than the expenses available in the account. If you should receive an invoice, through an invoice, avoid it. Sometimes, a person needs a few days to raise more than $ 1,000 to pay him in this way, and because he did not tell me that he will download my card, my account has ended. He also told me that the tenant could bathe, and he promised to put a plastic cover on the bathtub, and never happened, leaving my tenant without showering for two days. I hope you learn to learn how to deal with your customers with a higher level of sympathy and respect. I am not yet forgiven, nor are they ready to restore my credit card, send me an invoice and check the price list and agree to it before collecting my credit card. Give again before. We recommend not to use this company, you have done all the work to Chip Smith in the services of the firefighters, which will never be implemented, unless Challen has a clear and transparent note with a clear and transparent note. Sends. Replace the touch shower. Information again shower.

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