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Area of expertise: shower installation service, emergency plumbers service, hydro jetting services and more.

  1. Shower Installation Plumber
  2. Emergency Service Plumber
  3. Hydro Jetting Plumber

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Stanley Plumbing/209 Plumbing's Plumbing Services

  • Shower Installation: With shower installation, you can enjoy a full-room hot tub experience in any bathroom, We can simply repair your current shower to make it more enjoyable.
  • Emergency Plumbers: Our emergency plumbing services are critical for any household because, without them, you might end up with disasters like flooded basements, broken pipes, or burst sewers.
  • Hydro Jetting: We offer high-quality hydro-jetting services to residential and commercial properties. We are one of the USA's most successful companies and professional water jetting experts.

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Address Hazard, KY - 41701, United States
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(Overall 4.2 Out of 5)
Clare M - Profile Image
Clare M
09 Nov, 2021
Livermore, California - 94550

Frank (the owner) is the first man. Very professional and respect for our property. He immediately came and quickly diagnosed the cause of the problem. He explained the steps he was taking and moving well. Frank came out as very honest, and in fact anxious about the service he was providing and completing the work for our satisfaction. I will not hesitate to call again. Conspiracy: Drini cleaning

James C - Profile Image
James C
08 Sep, 2021
Rutland, Vermont - 05701

Work done CLET textile drink system

Rodney R - Profile Image
Rodney R
08 Oct, 2021
Bloomington, Illinois - 61701

The person who left me somewhere between $ 200 and $ 300 for this specified work. What I had was my responsibility. I used to heat the plumbing and cleaning of the snakes last month to repair the water heater.

Kim R - Profile Image
Kim R
09 Jun, 2022
Hammondsport, New York - 14840

There was previously separate progress that insisted that we needed support support (?) In the settlement. My husband knew he was, so, we. C. The plumbing called (was not called) came and agreed that this part was not necessary because it was already. He removed the old pilots and created new people we already bought. He said that the trap could finally leak due to the installation of the originator (in 1991). Certainly, not yet a lot of time, we had a leak (the date is not remembered, but perhaps within a week or a week). Return, solve the problem without any price. We are very happy with this company and we know who we can ask future plumbing needs. $ 80.00 has a price of at least one hour. I changed shower taps and installed a rotating touch. Good. Someone had to remember the plaster plaster he had to cut, but it was not a big problem. Use a man named Larry Warren, who has no license, works for his licensed father. It works perfectly and this is the second time that I used it (for the first time, not a structure).

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