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About Stony Hill Landscaping LLC

Owner/Landscapes that are running, so passion and pride in my work and make sure that each customer is happier and more satisfied than work, higher in my priority list

Area of expertise: sewer lines and excavation service, pelican installation & repair service, partition installation services and more.

  1. Sewer Lines Plumber
  2. Pelican Installation Plumber
  3. Partition Installation Plumber

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Stony Hill Landscaping LLC's Plumbing Services

  • Sewer Lines and Excavation: We are Sewer Lines service provider with expertise in Sewer Lines and Excavation services for residential and commercial properties in United States.
  • Pelican Installation & Repair: You need to hire Pelican repair expert from DataXiVi. There are many reasons to contact a Pelican Installation expert in USA for their services.
  • Partition Installation: We at DataXiVi understand that partitions installation in office, home or some where else is not a small task, and we will treat it with the seriousness it deserves.

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Address San Luis Obispo, CA - 93401, United States
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Arthur A - Profile Image
Arthur A
14 Oct, 2021
Frankfort, Kentucky - 40601

Justin is a major plumber. I used it for 3 different functions in 3 different places. Your advice and understanding should be excellent. The quality of your business is always terrible. Put a backup on the pump and also do some small plumbing functions

Carol C - Profile Image
Carol C
22 Jul, 2022
Hillsborough, New Hampshire - 03244

James worked with me if necessary, because because of the proximity of the lining, the preparation work was needed. He gave me a two -hour window for his arrival and was quickly. The work took two hours and completed very professional. There was minimal interruption and the area was completely cleaned. James is excellent with great customer service. I recommend excessive plumbing. 40 -The home of the house must be replaced, the main water closure valve and five (5) mirils of the hose.

Julie K - Profile Image
Julie K
04 Mar, 2022
Andalusia, Alabama - 36420

I love plumbing. This is a small process, but a person is really suitable for price and goods. This tube has changed once or twice because despite the hose, so it is often broken. It may be 30 % less than others in their prices. I will tell others that I get a reasonable price, do a good job and I would like to have a good job at a reasonable price. Since it is a small process, it is possible that the owner who goes to work. Sometimes, if this is a really great task, you will give me a reference and they will also get a fair price. It is possible that his responsibility and ban of time are a little less because it is just a man, so unless it is an emergency, it is likely that it will not come out on the same day. It appears when he says it will. I use plumbing ink. Several times in a row for leading services. The last time I used it, it was a few months ago for the winter campaign tube.

Michele C - Profile Image
Michele C
07 May, 2022
Berea, Kentucky - 40403

As usual, Scott, his son, Ben and the team always provide an excellent job. We cannot say enough for electricity. The installation of new lamps in the bathroom was difficult because they were completely new and in a new place, but they got a job. We use for every electrical work we do at home. We have come to install the lighting in other bathroom regeneration work, the formation of lighting posts and landscapes in the yard, installing new lighting throughout our wardrobe, installing the exterior GFCI outputs, as well as installation, as well as installation. Ceiling fans. We also consulted about the possibility of creating the entire house generator. They are always very responsible when I call and please work in time. It is a little expensive, but what does not work these days. I can pay a little more than that, but I know the job is correct for the first time! I recommended their services to friends and I cannot be happy with their experience. We have some spring projects, so I will make sure to call Scott, and because it also includes plumbing, we will contact his brother Cliff to estimate the plumbing. I was on their way to Home Depot to buy some accessories and someone directed me to Susie Hotreke. Only for a little more, I received high -quality products, education and excellent service. Her husband, Jerry. I love my new kitchen and come back when I am ready to shower.

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