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When you create your appointment for the first time with Allen or Robin or answer your piano questions, when Steve or Phil played a song in the piano, our goal is always that customers did not think, but as a friend.

We give importance to your time and take seriously your piano service. Once your appointment is set, we will try to stay on time or if there is a delay, it will be out of courtesy. After learning the letter from our father, we attract more than 100 years of knowledge, knowledge and practical experience in serving the piano like you.

Area of expertise: plumbing contractor service, lamp repair service, shower repair services and more.

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Woodworth Piano Service's Plumbing Services

  • Plumbing Contractor: Finding the best plumbing contractor in the USA can be some work, but it's quite a breeze with a proper strategy. Such plumbers understand their job better!
  • Lamp Repair: Hire experienced plumbing experts from DataXiVi, We offer the best lamp repair services. Our years of experience make us one of the best lamp repair shops.
  • Shower Repair: We at DataXiVi, Regarding shower repair services involves the installation, removal and replacement, you can count on us to take care of your plumbing needs.

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Address Charlestown, MA - 2129, United States
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Email Address woodworthpianoservice@dataxivi.com

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(Overall 4.2 Out of 5)
Ann L - Profile Image
Ann L
11 Sep, 2021
Littleton, Colorado - 80120

excellent! The probe problem and 90 feet extract the exchange.

Wesley H - Profile Image
Wesley H
18 Jan, 2022
West Bend, Wisconsin - 53095

The deterioration of fixed catastrophic house! This is the third time we used. It is clear that we are more happy or never returned. Alex replaced plumbing and bathroom in my fathers house, and kept a warm water heater without a tank for us, and today he returned a shower to remove the cartridge, which may have shattered, may have been called before he tried to try himself. ). We did not have water and was in our house within two hours (it was fast). It is very suitable and he is always honest and very advanced, you feel comfortable knowing that he does not try to find one in you or that you do not have to rupture, as he works hard to do an excellent job. It is our plumbing professional (we are in the fast field)!

melvin S - Profile Image
melvin S
08 Jul, 2022
Hammond, Indiana - 46324

When we first used it, they gave us the largest great project with all the details. It was not the lowest price, but close. Other details were very mysterious. He did a very wonderful job. Accustom

Keith S - Profile Image
Keith S
18 Nov, 2021
Nags Head, North Carolina - 27959

He gave me an oral date, but I asked for it. Finally, we received a written estimate yesterday (4 days after). I also asked for pictures of the problem, and they have not yet found it. This date was $ 900, which needed to pay me alone in the foreground, cash or check, and you must clarify the check before starting the check. I would like to be careful with all owners who think about using this company. Broken stability.

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