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About Al Bourgeois Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing and bourgeois heating is a local company that provides solutions to plumbing requirements for families and companies in Kenner and the rest of the region. It was established in 1966, provides public plumbing services, cleaning, installing drainage, repairing sewage and gas lines.

Plumbing and heating equipment in the breeze can also work in different types of water heaters, such as gas, electricity and without the tank.

Area of expertise: video camera inspection service, duct cleaning service, pool building service, gutter cleaning services and more.

  1. Video Camera Plumber
  2. Duct Cleaning Plumber
  3. Pool Building Plumber
  4. Gutter Cleaning Plumber

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Al Bourgeois Plumbing & Heating's Plumbing Services

  • Video Camera Inspection: You need a professional video camera inspection that will readily meet your needs. Our experts are always on call, You can rely on us for plumbing services.
  • Duct Cleaning: Duct cleaning services is necessary to be done regularly to prevent allergies, asthma attacks, and other health problems. It can also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.
  • Pool Building: If you want to build a pool, thorough research is required to choose a pool building services experts. You can check the reviews & ratings from previous clients.
  • Gutter Cleaning: If there are any trees around or branches that hang over the roof, this problem is likely to niggle you more. However, a proficient gutter cleaning services plumber near you can help fix the problem.

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Address Xenia, OH - 45385, United States
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(Overall 4.1 Out of 5)
Brian P - Profile Image
Brian P
16 Jul, 2022
Carlsbad, California - 92008

The water heater change. The gas and water valves were moved to better places.

Micki V - Profile Image
Micki V
05 Jul, 2022
Apalachicola, Florida - 32320

excellent! We accept your offer (which was several hundreds of dollars less than anything else). We cannot be more satisfied with the service received from all cigars The water heater has been changed

Mary Lou P - Profile Image
Mary Lou P
07 Apr, 2023
Indianapolis, Indiana - 46204

I did not face any problem with the current tap to $ 100/I received $ 100, $ 100 to evaporate and $ 50 per box, which will cost $ 7. Sean showed about two hours on the first day. He completed two of the four bathrooms and told me that he would return the next day. The next day was on time and canceled other two bathrooms and a piece. Tell me that I will come back a few days to finish the tap. Show the third day on time. I asked about 700 dollars, which I got by adding all the articles mentioned above and I did not answer, I just reported that the tap would be 50 dollars until there was a problem. After all, it brings me the final bill $ 865! I used it once to change the bathroom five years ago and paid only $ 100, which I mentioned after that, and for this reason I was surprised and angry because I was angry to see that I was hanging from steel steel lines at $ 90 for me. These were completely new toilets and did not ask me or told me that I was replacing these water lines. In addition, I imposed $ 150 on The Danity, who confirmed several times that he would be $ 100 to change him and said he did not remember that he said that. Finally, I was accused of a $ 75 touch, saying that there was a problem of exchange. I did not ask him. Other neighboring taps leaked after a few days because the tubes separated! It was clearly proven that I was not satisfied with the bill, although I have not said anything more than a change in pride, so I caught my check book. He began to be defensive, saying how he thought he had given me a lot and did not feel it. He made me very uncomfortable. I am very disappointed by the public service provided and I cannot recommend this plumbing for the above reasons. Four baths have been replaced, a unique tucker switching room has been installed and four other taps are replaced.

Robert G - Profile Image
Robert G
29 Oct, 2021
Dahlonega, Georgia - 30533

I leaked for a hot water heater tank on Friday morning, the first company called me that it could meet within two weeks until I want to pay from time to time. H&M invited her from that night and mainly installed on Saturday. Excellent work and position !! Thanks Chris, Mike and Bell. Change the water heater

Louis S - Profile Image
Louis S
22 Sep, 2021
Harlan, Kentucky - 40831

Very early, information and professionalism. I would like to recommend and use it again. The sewage tank has been pumped.

Cita I - Profile Image
Cita I
21 Oct, 2021
Stillwater, Minnesota - 55082

Dan will explain the necessary task, which is slightly higher than an important job, on a specific date in the next two weeks. It is an extraordinary service on the weekend. Dan left to help diagnose an emergency within an hour and was here in an hour of call.

Anthony J - Profile Image
Anthony J
15 Sep, 2021
Spring Green, Wisconsin - 53588

The experience was very good On March 31, it came to change the boiler

Susan A - Profile Image
Susan A
27 Mar, 2022
Windsor, Connecticut - 06095

He took a claw foot to the bathtub, separated the drainage, cleaned the drainage of the strange object, rebuilt the opening, and replaced the bathtub.

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